Friday, December 4, 2015

What's Your Experience with Single Dad?

I'm a single mummy of one (Girl),...There's this single father who wants to marry me but by next year because he's not buoyant now. He practically worships the ground I walk on,he appreciates me everyday,he tells everyone that cares to listen how much he loves me and wants me in his life,he uses my pictures as profile picture both Facebook and WhatsApp, he uploads my pictures telling everyone what he feels for me,..
His people accepted and respects me a lot ,and honestly I feel blessed with him and I praise God everyday for him.

He has never been married, he got his baby girl through his girlfriend eight years ago and the baby mama left him and the baby then because he wasn't buoyant,....She's happily married with kids to another man for some years now..

My problem is my guy posted her picture last week wishing her a happy home and appreciating her for bringing his daughter into the word,I felt so bad and when I told him how disappointed I was with that post, his response was.... "Sorry darling but please I'm informed that,that woman is lying very sick at the hospital and I can't go see her because he can't lock his shop,so the only thing on his mind was posting that picture to appreciate her...."
Surprisingly he said to me,..darling I have a lot of respect for that woman because she carried my baby and you have to respect her too,..I assure you I can't never cheat on you,

So I'm thinking if I can actually respect a woman who left her baby just because of money,..I wish I could hear from mummies who are married to single daddies to know their own experiences.

From what this man said, I don't feel that he was subjecting you to his baby mama but was only showing some courtesy and expressing gratitude to the lady who brought his daughter to him as a way of showing solidarity in her times of sickness.
I feel that you may be overreacting to what you already know that he can't wish away. 
He had a child with her which you can't wish away simply because he loves you but you should learn to accommodate his world by accepting him and his daughter for who they are. 
You need not get worried about why she left, what matters to you should be that she will never be back in your home and you owe your partner and her the the duty to accept their daughter as yours and love her as you would love yours and if you feel that you cannot love and accept his daughter, then you may need to reconsider your decision to grow in love with him. 
This is the sacrifice you must pay to enjoy the beauty of love and marriage with him.


  1. Don't feel threatened by that,now. She is happily married with kids so she can't reclaim your man.

    By the way,how do you relate with your child's father? Treat his daughter and his ex as you want him to treat your daughter and your ex.

  2. That guy is simply a gentle man to the bone..
    So many men in his shoes would even pray for her to die..They'll use all sorts of vile words against her...They'll curse the day they met such a woman with the same mouth they professed love with...They'll start jubilating saying that the sickness is the reward of her deeds..
    But this guy...against all odds still knows that the woman who bore his child should be respected no matter what...
    I think this should serve as an example to all those who claim to love their partners to the moon and back but wouldn't hesitate to spit venom on them once the going gets bad or probably after seperation..This is a true example of love and respect..
    There is so much to love than the fake words and shows people put up and parade around...The real test comes in tough and sad times...
    Dear poster...go and just found a good man..
    It's a good thing you asked...Now you should understand better..He is a good man...Appreciate him


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