Friday, December 4, 2015

Should I be Worried about Our Sex Life?

Hello ma,please I need your advise. I have been an ardent follower of your page for a while.
Am happily married and have no marital problems except for our fair share of couple's quarrels which are resolved without much ado but the issue of our sex life has been disturbing me of late. Don't know if its the things I read online that is affecting me or it's normal.
The frequency of our sex is sometimes two or three times a month. I do not have any reason to doubt his faithfulness, he doesn't keep late nights or drink, never caught him masturbating and he doesn't really do social media chats, infact am usually the one who returns his birthday wishes on his birthdays on Facebook.
Sometimes I hear colleagues say they have sex every other day that a man that doesn't is cheating on the wife and my heart skips a bit.
But like I said earlier I have not seen any reason to doubt his faithfulness. And I know for sure he is not gay, he doesn't even really have friends. Though he is very busy and still works late at home before sleeping.
Is our sex life normal or something is wrong somewhere?
Sorry for my long write up. God bless you and yours. Thanks.

Men are wired to desire sex for all manner and sorts of reasons. They relax with sex, express their power with sex, express love with sex and simply wants to show that they are the head by simply having sex I mean they have a standing rod so it doesn't hurt to allow them take the lead.
But when a man doesn't crave for such a romantic romping once in a while, it could be that he's not attracted to his wife as he was in the beginning or that emmm... He's pretty much busy but then again we don't have to start looking for a problem when we can't spot any so let's assume that this is his personality and he just doesn't crave for sex like others do.
So maybe you should just spice things up and then talk about sex with him so that you can gain some of his perspective on sex and lovemaking so that you will find out why he's not so much into sex with you.
Two times or three times a month that's about twenty four times to thirty six times in a year and it's not encouraging for young couples who should be boiling with desire to be together and intimate with one another.
But like I said earlier, spice things up, maybe you have been too busy with your children and home management and he's been too busy with work that the bedroom is also suffering as a result of his work.
Encourage him to leave his work at the office because a beautiful wife should be another beautiful job offer for a loving husband as him.
Don't suspect him or accuse him of anything other than letting him know the that you noticed that he's not having enough rest as he should and with some romance and your making the room perfect for some steamy sex, he will get the picture and perhaps get the vibes for sex and quality intimacy.
Shop for some sexy lingerie, ones that reminds him of the first day he set his eyes on you, wear good perfume and please keep your children out of your room so that you can express your beauty without being afraid of any third party.
Good sex will help your husband to deliver at the office and also make him more productive in life so take things up from here and emmm let your bed know that you're married lol.


  1. Different strokes for different folks dear poster...
    As long as the both of you are ok with it...everything is fine
    We are all different people...some with high libido...some at the low end.
    It is not written as a law that couples must have sex everyday as there is no Standard approved timetable.. not panic
    There is nothing to delibrate on..Whenever you guys are in the your thing

  2. Aunty Amara sef! Chai...... Make I do go marry abeg. Lol
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  3. Dear poster, it could be that your husband has poor libido. And may be you do, too. You didn't mention in your post that you always want to have sex but your husband is never ready so I think you also need to boost your libido.

    Discuss this with your hubby without any sign of suspicion. Let him know you would love to have more sex. My hubbyy was like that but I discussed it with him. I told him I'd love for us to have sex frequently because the truth is, I have high libido. Today, we have more sex. Sometimes, I'm the one who want to say "no" but I don't. Never!

  4. We don't know how long you have been married? And how old have you?Also what kind of job your hubby does?How long have you dated before you got married? but like you said this man is late at home there are some men who are hard-workers. another hand those ones don't care about sex even they live with miss world. I think this man love you but he needs to work hard to provide you all the best things you want to please him. have a fun weekend.

  5. Simply whisper after sex: honey let's do this again tomorrow. I loved it. Stroke his ego.


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