Friday, January 1, 2016

Am Now Happy!!!

Good day ma,I really appreciate the advises given to my husband by you,and your fans. I never knew that he read it(Read Here) ,so when he came back yesterday he was so ashamed of himself,he was so remorseful that he bought designers gifts for me(Louise Vuitton and Versace).
Am now happy,at least its good to voice out sometimes,not dying in silence. I appreciate your forum so much cos God is using you to heal many soured marriages and touch many lives,Thanks so much.

To be candid my heart leaped with great joy and I couldn't contain my excitement indeed.
Your testimony truly strengthened my heart and renewed my convictions that God truly called me for this purpose.
I thank God for the great things he has already begun in your home and your marriage, please do not relax or relent because I know that the devil is never happy to see a beautiful marriage and a lovely home.
Continue to intercede for him in the place of prayers and always appreciate him for who God has made him to be and what he's yet to do in his life and destiny.

Handsome husband, I wish I was close enough to give you a very warm embrace for taking the courage to make amends in your marriage, I am sincerely thankful to God that he spoke to your heart and gave you the wisdom and understanding to embrace your beautiful wife and children and hold onto your lovely marriage.
I see you becoming the best husband that she ever dreamt of and I am already praying for you and your family that God's love will never leave your home in Jesus name Amen. I am also praying that God will prosper you in your business and establish you in life in Jesus name Amen. Your marriage shall blossom and your home shall know no shame in Jesus name Amen.
It is well with you and your family in Jesus name Amen.

Please just like the proverbial Oliver Twist, I will still plead that you give your marriage the very first priority in 2016 and always, make out time for your wife and your children. Listen to her gists and compliment her looks. Celebrate her and surprise her with gifts.
Please support her in every way possible and do not relent in helping her become a better wife and mother that you so much desire.
What you seek outside is not different from what you have with you, what will bring out the best in her is solely dependent on how much you are willing to invest in her this year.
I hope that you will make her your best friend and please never you tell your friends any weaknesses she may have. It's not meant for anybody else except God and you.
No amount spent on your wife is a waste and always remember that your wife is your precious gift from God and the open door to your divine favour and unlimited blessings in your life.
Share your vision with her and carry her along in your plans. I am already seeing God making your marriage a haven for you and your children.
Keep friends and relatives out of your marriage and draw closer to your wife, I assure you that you will reap more than you expected in your marriage.
Draw close to God and never let a day pass without meditating on his words. As the head, the state of your marriage depends solely on the state of your personal relationship with God and your wife.
Congratulations and I look forward to celebrating God's faithfulness in your marriage in Jesus name Amen.

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