Friday, January 1, 2016

Should I Find a Little Girl to Marry?

Good evening ma, compliments of season thanks for good work in life people. Please ma am a guy of 31 years since I finished school over three years now no job, I decided to start importation with little cash I raised from family.
Since then I have been facing a lot of difficulties , but as it stands now I have tried to hook up with a loving ,caring and working class lady that will be of help to me because I want to settle down no matter the issue am facing,and I just meet one last month and she is 30 years.
My people are now complaining that she is not young, that I should find a little girl to marry. Am just confused please I need your advise.

You see our knowledge of life is limited when compared to the personality of God. 
Granted that Biology and medical science will tell you how an older lady may have difficulties with conception, nobody and nothing can hinder God from blessing any couple that he chooses to bless irrespective of their age or the perception of men. 
Always have this at the back of your mind that the age of a lady is not the determinant factor to how fruitful a couple can be and that you married a small girl doesn't guarantee that your quiver shall be filled with children. 
Get beyond the sentiments of her age and focus on what you need in your partner and how your partner can help you grow in your business and help you manage your resources. 
Focus more in getting to know the personality behind her body and her age. Is she mentally and emotionally prepared, does she have the skills and virtues that you need from the woman you wish to marry? 
Is she organised and can she take care of your home and your children without pushing you beyond your capacity? 
Does she have a personal relationship with God and is she willing to grow with you irrespective of the circumstances and challenges that may test your commitment towards one another? 
Does her presence give you the peace of mind and the motivation to give your best in all your endeavours? 
These and many more should be what you should be concerned about and not how young or old she is. 
If you are convinced and comfortable with her personality, leave the rest to God to perfect in your marriage and don't get worried about what you cannot solve or create. 
Take your time and meditate on your journey from here so that you don't let the opinions of others no matter how close to distract you from achieving your goals for this year. 


  1. Bro...
    This is a new year...
    Don't start off on a wrong note...
    This is a very polite form of Gold digging...
    I'm sure you must have told her all forms of lies to make her believe you love her unconditionally..
    But deep down your heart, you know it's all for the money...
    It is not wrong to seek assistance...but do it in genuity and sincerity...
    Along the line when you're finally established, the passion will fade..
    And there's every tendency that you'll torment her emotionally...
    Tell your self the truth brother..
    Don't build an empire at the expense of another's emotions..
    Keep working hard with your hands clean and head straight...
    A certain day will come as a pay day for all the pains of yesterday...
    Work hard...

  2. Since when did a 30 year old lady old for marriage? Nawa ooo

  3. Bunch of liers! May God turn the heart of that innocent lady against you in Jesus name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wicked souls! I lost everything cos of ungrateful foetus like you!


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