Friday, January 1, 2016

Even Inside the Crossover Service, I'm Worried!

Good day sis Amara , I am a regular fan of your page, I have even introduced many of my friends to like this page. Please ma, I need your help ooo.
I am the first born in my family of five and 28 years and my finance is 26 and also the first born in the family of four ,I love her and I want to marry her, we have been together for five years. I am doing a teaching job in a private school after I finished my NYSC on July 2nd last year.
Here comes my problem ma, my mum don't really want me to marry her, these were the reasons she use to give and I explained to her that it was not a big deal but she will say she didn't want me to regret in future. She picked up the issue again yesterday when she asked me that where was she working? And I said she is still searching for job oo, and she asked that what grade did she graduate with? I said PASS, that she was not that sound academically, she said how will she get work in this country with pass? I tried to convince her that she will go into business , but she did not allow me to talk oo, for like three hours, she was still on the issue saying even myself, I am averagely sound academically then I still want to marry someone that was poorly sound, that what will be the academic performance of our children?? She also said anytime my girl come visiting, even strangers that are not our family members will say we don't fit ourselves, not academic this time around ooo, but mere looking at us physical that she is too low for my level.
And I don't know the high level that I have oo, am not from a rich family oo. My mum even use to say she is pretending that when I marry her now , she will start showing me her true colour. I tried to explain to her that we have come this far, after I have let her know that I will marry her that I can't just leave her after five years and she is honest with me.
Ma , the truth is she is not rushing marriage on me oo, I am even the one that said we should do registry wedding so as to reduce expenses. My mom left my room with annoyance yesterday saying she has talked her own oo and if I insist that I will still marry her, no problem, she even said what did I see attractive for her body that she is not beautiful.
Ma, am confused oo, I have been thinking of what to do? Even while inside the church for the crossover service. Am sorry for the long write up ma. God bless you and I love you

Your mum must be a very funny woman and I can imagine how she's trying so hard to win the baby in you. 
Well her opinions are beautiful but the decision is yours. From all she said, I couldn't even spot anything that that will hinder you from getting married to the lady that you love and appreciate her personality. 
I am proud that you are not confused about who you want in life and what you want from a lady and you have proven beyond every reasonable doubt that you are emotionally prepared and psychologically mature for marriage and the issues of life. 
Where I feel that you need to work more on is in improving your financial capacity by making some investments and businesses that will yield more profits and boost your savings so that you can plan ahead when you have gotten married to your bride. 
I am yet to see anyone who put his trust in God that was put to shame. I am yet to any couple who agree with one another to work together towards achieving their financial freedom that was disappointed by God. 
Having a good certificate is never a guarantee that such individuals will succeed in life and it also doesn't mean that their children will be super intelligent in their studies. 
If God be part of your marriage, everything that may be a challenge will be fixed by God. 
Finally, your mum cannot tell what you saw in your fiancĂ© but don't worry about that because your mum isn't the one getting married to her, you are the one so appreciate the beauty of her personality and the charm of her body. 
Your wife is your divine gift from God and you don't need the evaluation of anybody to choose what's best for your life and destiny. 
So if you don't mind, please thank God for bringing you into the new year and pray that God will perfect all that concerns you and your fiancĂ© in Jesus name Amen. 
You don't need to feel bad about your mum's concerns, I mean if she doesn't share her opinions about your relationship, who will? Lol 
Happy new year. 

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