Friday, January 1, 2016

Is Wrong to Confess When You Cheat?

Aunty Amara good evening please I need your help urgently this is about to ruin my relationship.
I cheated on my friend and couldn't bear the guilt and told her. Now she feels soo bad that I regretted telling her but if I didn't, I will never be free.
Is it wrong to tell when you cheat? Please help!

So in the spirit of the new year let's make honest evaluation of our decision, weigh their benefits and consequences so that we can avert any negative impact such a decision may have in our life and in all our endeavours. 
One of the questions that came to my mind was why did you consider cheating on the very person that you claimed to love? 
Why exploring another lady when you have committed yourself to another lady? Or could it be that you are not contented in the shape and the beauty of your partner and you are working so hard to remain committed to her? 
Didn't you think about her reactions before sleeping with another lady and in all sincerity if she was the one who cheated on you, will you still consider the relationship with her? 
It's not easy for one to recover from a painful betrayal especially when the person is investing so much in the relationship only to be treated as though she doesn't deserve the respect and appreciation of the man she loves and yearn to be with. 
I know that you have a good heart and you have a good conscience which made you to open up to her when you cheated on her but I also want to encourage you to always put her in your heart and consider her emotions so that you don't do the things that you know will deliberately crush her personality in the relationship. 
It is not bad for you to confess to your partner because you are accountable to her and you need to be open to her so that you can commune with her and be one with her but the way she may react to it may not be as easy as you may expect from her because of the impact of your attitude to her. 
Please be patient with her and support her by assuring her of your genuine apology and understanding of her pains and disappointment in what you do. 
Shower her with love and affection and patiently rebuild the walls of trust and fidelity that your attitude has crushed in her life. 
She will take some time to recover from the shock and the pains of knowing that the man she held at a high esteem is not contented in her personality and with all she can offer. 
Pray for her and continue to stand by her and please decide from today to surrender your desire to God and choose to be faithful to your partner by avoiding any circumstances or situation that may push you into cheating or compromising on your commitment to your relationship. 
I am hopeful that she will forgive you and shower you with love and affection but I am more hopeful that you will repent and not return to cheating on her whether she's aware of it or not. 

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