Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Blind Dating : Things to Note!

What's your Advice on Online dating and blind dating...
Is it advisable to date someone whom one meets through Social Networking / through someone OR become friends with the person till we meet one on one.
(He stays in America, I stay in Nigeria).

Blind date or Online dating is one of the unique kind of dating of our times.
Because many of us invest our time heavily online, it has created so many opportunities and avenues for communication, interactions, business operations, marketing and other forms of relationship.

For some, social media is a blessing (I'm a witness) while for others, social media has impacted negatively to their lives and wellbeing.
Some of the points you must have in mind when you consider blind dating are as follows!

There is no dating until you have met with the individual face to face.
Please do not give any information or details that may be used against you in one form or another.

Irrespective of what the person promised or said, please there is no need to introduce your date to your family or friends until you have met with the person and have accepted such an individual.

Whether the person live in another community or in another country, please do not trust wholly, because some maybe genuine while some are manipulative and deceptive and some are literally evil.

It has become a trend in our time that the first date is the day to have sex, well I can't decide for you but please avoid the trap of visiting the man or having sex on the first date.

Please do not demand anything, whether in kind or in cash or for whatsoever purpose.

Your safety and security is your ultimate responsibility so be safe and be secured.

Never you go on a first date alone or welcome your date in your privacy, it must be in the company of someone and in an open place.

Personally I have no issues with where you met who but it is your priority to find out who you met, his real identity and his personality much more than his place of Origin and his promises.


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  3. From my point of view...
    Becoming just friends online is cool...
    It should proceed further to dating when you've probably met such person physically and spent some time together...
    No matter how much we claim to be in the technological era, we must know that there is more in what the eye sees..
    A lot of revelations and hidden details could be made clear by just looking at a person physically...
    Never underestimate the power of sight and touch..
    All you get online are chats and images...Outside these...no detail...
    I might be wrong but i feel dating comes in when there is love between two people...
    So my question remains...
    How can you claim you love someone you've not met and do not know?
    It's ridiculous..
    When you fall for chats and good pictures...It is termed Infatuation...
    Dating online is Crazy...
    I equate it to dating a ghost..
    If dating is something casual that can be done without feelings, then online dating is justified..
    But if you all agree with me that love must be involved before dating takes place, then online dating is simply self deceit...
    Because...you cannot claim you love a person you do not know...

  4. blind dating is the worst thing that ever happened to me!and the second one was dating a forever alone girl, i share with you my wisdom what you should know about these type of girls https://kovla.com/blog/dating-the-forever-alone-woman-9-things-you-should-know/ so you can be prepared!thank me later!enjoy


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