Thursday, January 7, 2016

Can't Stop Loving Him, I'm in Pains!

Good day Aunty Amara, please ma I want you to advice me concerning this issue. I am a girl of 24 years ,during my secondary school days I was hanging out with a guy,we were very close friends but not in any relationship, though people thought that we had something in common. He passed on in the year 2009 when we were through with our Secondary school. It was very painful to me and his entire family but we believed that God gave and took away.
I normally paid visit to his parents and helped them with domestic work, and luckily for me I came across his elder brother who travelled for years. His mother introduced me to him and we exchanged contact details. We started going out until he finally defiled me, and now am madly in love with him.
I started with him when I was 19 years and now he has proposed to me, his family disapproved that God forbid he can never marry his younger brother's girlfriend, he tried all his possible best to tell them that he defiled me but no one could believed him and right now am in serious pain. I love him so much I just can't lose him.
Please advice me, have been going through pain for five years now, despite all the challenges and confrontations, I still can't stop loving him, am confused.

Don't be confused or discouraged because of the reaction of his parents but seek God and ask him to reveal his will to you and guide your footsteps to his purpose for your life.
When your heart is broken, don't cry and worry in pains but take it to Jesus who can mend and heal the broken hearted and fill it with joy and eternal peace.
As regards the future of your relationship,it's only your partner that will decide whether to get married to you or to heed the pressures of his parents.
Encourage him, support him but don't distract him with your worries but be open and willing to give him the assurance and motivation that he needs most at this point in his life.
If he has already proposed to you, your own prayers should be for God to perfect your testimony irrespective of the challenges or temporary hiccups that your relationship maybe facing at the moment.
That your partner had sex with you doesn't mean that he must end up with you but if God has approved of your marriage, then nothing can stand against it.
Do not be rude to his parents or nurture ill feelings towards his parents irrespective of their views or perception of your personality.
There is nothing too hard for God to do and that includes convincing his parents of your relationship with their son.
Draw close to God and continue to pray and intercede that his will be done in your relationship.


  1. My dear there's no impossibility with God,just hold on to him. If he's meant for u he'll sure be ypurs.take care

  2. My dear there's no impossibility with God,just hold on to him. If he's meant for u he'll sure be ypurs.take care

  3. Compensating love? Are you sure you are not hooked because he is your first (sexually)? My dear daughter, you must accept that this might not work. Parental consent is still a big issue in our tradition.


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