Thursday, January 7, 2016

He Came Back with Wound on His Manhood!

God will bless you ma for all you've been doing. Please I have a problem. I'm married with two kids. I'm currently nursing my second child. I love my husband so much but I just found out that he is cheating on me.
I saw the way and manner he hides his phone from me so I decided to check his phone while he was asleep. I was shocked by what I saw,he was cheating on me. I decided to copy the girl's number and check her out on WhatsApp without his knowledge .
I also saw him tag the same girl with his picture on Facebook, I was hurt and decided to confront him,he denied not knowing her.
When he went out,I sent him text and told him how I felt but he replied and said I have a brain that is not resourceful and that I haven't been useful to him at all since he married cos I don't have a job yet. What do I do? How do I handle a cheating husband?
He's even acting as if nothing happened, the other day he came back home with wound on his manhood and said he mistakenly used pepper hand to scratch it. It took up to a month for it heal. What do I do?

The best time to confront your partner or to discuss any sensitive issues that borders on fidelity and commitment to building a marriage that will glorify God is during your quiet time or in your family alter.
You may want to know why I suggested that to you, it's because at that time, both the husband, wife and the Holy spirit will be present to listen to the conversation with each other. Please do not subscribe to sending text messages or attacking his personality but whenever you have evidences of infidelity, it is actually your right to seek to understand what your marriage is experiencing and what can be done to restore that which is broken.
Infidelity is marriage's greatest enemy and it's the devil's way of getting the weakest link and destroying the foundation of the marriage institution. Understanding that you are wrestling against the vice of the devil and not your husband will give you the wisdom not to attack your husband or fight against him.
Before you prepare to present such a sensitive issue to your husband, it will be sincere to examine your role and duties as the wife and find out if you have been meeting up with your responsibilities to your husband.
Once some wives are blessed with the fruits of the womb, they will abandon their sexual intimacy with the husband and give him attention when they feel like.
You may want to ask me why I said that when I know that you are nurturing your children, it is simply because a man's penis doesn't necessarily understand that and needs constant petting and communication and intimacy to remain focused, else anything outside maybe a threat to his faithfulness to you.
Some wives starve their own husband sex because they are fasting, some are working to make money and some have found everlasting love in their children so the husband should understand that and give them some space.
It is after due consideration and meditation that you can present it putting yourself in the picture and seeking ways to improve on your intimacy and enhancing your sexual fulfilment as couples.
The final thing you must not fail to do is to constantly pray for your marriage and your husband in particular. Everyday, a man is confronted by the sex charged environment he's exposed to, the vicious breast on display, the beautiful buttocks on the walkway, the straight legs for admiration and some unnecessary friends that always keep in touch with him.
Please do not let your husband feel that he got married to an old lady by the way you dress or look at home, be the best image of yourself, in the bedroom, kitchen, parlour,and bathroom. Give him some naked massage and sometimes try out something new to keep his attention to you. Give him some sexual healing in a manner that he will be jealous to see anyone else say hi to you.
Do not hold back or try to be saints in your bedroom when you could be wild and dirty in a beautiful way while rocking your husband, oh yes he's your husband.
You must pray as though you are losing your marriage and communicate with your husband as though you are yearning for breath. Be so close that when he's coughing, you are close by to help him out.
Forget about what he said about your not being resourceful, it's a defence mechanism, every man will throw up to destabilise you and please don't take such a lie that his peppering hands made his penis to be injured. That was an infection and it will be advisable for you to go to the hospital and examine your vagina to avoid carrying any left over infection from him.
Please pray for him, intercede for him and encourage him to always share his heart with you instead of going outside to get infections and expose you and your children to infections.
I know that it's a difficult, painful and a sensitive battle but as his wife, you have to be equipped with the whole armour of God, the word of God, faith, love, prayers, thanksgiving and the truth and constantly bring your husband to God even when he's sleeping or about leaving for work, keep praying for him, even during love making, pray that he shall not find strange affection in other women in Jesus name Amen.

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