Friday, January 22, 2016

His Family Supported Him to Run Away!

I have been in a relationship for more than two years now with this guy, I took in for him last year October and he asked me to remove it but I refused, he now told me that we will keep it but that his family won't know about it until ma stomach starts shooting out and I still refused......
I went ahead to go and tell his family and they said they will get back to me, that same day at night, they called me and said he had ran away from the house, they accused me of harbouring him and I told them I wasn't......
Since then, they have been saying a lot of things about me, they called me a witch, a prostitute etc .....I tried to get rid of the pregnancy but it didn't go out, am 15 weeks gone now and I just found out that the family supported him to run away and they even warned him never to keep in touch with me.
Am confused, I don't know what to do.

Lord I thank you for protecting the precious seed in the womb of this lady and I pray that you will provide all that he needs to grow up in the knowledge of your word and in wisdom and understanding. Lord you will make him the light that even those who rejected him will seek out for him and would love to be associated with him.
Lord I know that you are a merciful and a compassionate father, please show mercy on your daughter and protect her in times like these. Provide the funds that she need and the comfort that she needs to carry her baby and experience the beauty of motherhood in Jesus name Amen.
My dear, it doesn't matter what the family thinks of you, all you need to do now is to focus on your baby and your health. Enroll for your antenatal care and please take good care of your health by eating a healthy meals and fruits.
Who you need to inform of your pregnancy is your family, forget about his, a time is coming when they will come back to seek for their baby, then you and your family will negotiate the terms of reference. You don't need to run faster than your shadows by reporting the son to his family because they will naturally defend their son until the baby arrives.
Allow the baby to locate his father but on your own part, prepare your heart to experience the beauty of motherhood even though you never anticipated it this way.
Choose to nurture your baby and not to kill your baby and work with your family.

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  1. That guy is a coward and never should be given an opportunity to apologize afterwards. Too many irresponsible and carefree guys in this generation


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