Thursday, January 14, 2016

How Can I Rebuild Trust in my Relationship?

Aunty Amara good morning. Thank you very much for what you have been doing for us. Aunty please help me. Last three years my girl friend broke my heart. Because of my past experience with my ex girlfriend. I was emotionally sick because of the trauma for four months.
Well I thank God for every thing. But aunty I am facing serious challenge in my relationship now, I met my new girlfriend last two years, she loves me and I do the same. But aunty I don't trust her. She has tried her best but no way. Also I have done everything to see if I will have some trust but no way. Aunty please help me how can I rebuild my trust in my relationship?
I don't want to break up with her . Thanks God bless you for me.

I feel that you were not healed of your pains before you ventured into another relationship with this lady. And until you are healed, no matter how you cover it or pretend to be healthy or happy, your past will always drag you backward and give you reasons why you should never give your heart to love. 
First it's good to note that loving is a divine calling and we cannot love if we do not have the grace to love and give love even when we do not receive such love. 
Understanding this very first principle of love will go a long way to prepare your heart for anything that loving may throw at you. 
Because loving is divine, we need to constantly look up to him who not only told us to love but gave his heart of love for you and I by dying on the cross of calvary to redeem us from destruction. 
Was He betrayed? Yes 
Was he abused? Yes 
Was he tortured? Yes 
Was he embarrassed? Yes 
Was he mocked? Yes 
Was he rejected? Yes 
Because he went through all those, we sometimes maybe exposed to those so that we can look back on the cross and remind our heart that we are on the right path. 
Forgiveness is the only virtue that renews our heart to love and trust again after a failed relationship. 
You loved your ex so much that you never expected to be betrayed but because she betrayed your trust doesn't mean that you should continue to dwell in that ditch for life. 
Forgive her for betraying you and release her from your heart today. That is the only way you can heal and then trust your partner. 
From your mail it's obvious that she has given her heart to you but you have judged her unfairly by constantly treating her like your ex. Will you like to be treated like a jerk by a lady who was betrayed? You know better. 
Forgive your ex and give your heart to your relationship so that you can grow in love, understanding and trust in her personality and vision as a lady. 
If you feel that you cannot forgive your ex, kindly let your partner know and let her be so that she doesn't torture herself unnecessarily for loving you and believing in your personality. 


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