Sunday, January 10, 2016

How Do I Ask for More When I'm Starved?

I really need some clarification. Before I got married, I used to think sex was always the first thing in a man's mind whenever he is with his wife. When my husband come from his base, we don't stay together course of the nature of his job and mine.
If he spends three days, he only sleeps with me once and just one round and that's all, and am afraid to ask for more when I know I have been starved. Am confused, is he sick or someone is taking care of that aspect for him. How do I go about it, please? I am being pushed to the wall but I have decided to keep my vow to my husband alone.

I am happy that you have decided before now to keep your vow to your husband alone and I perfectly understand what you are experiencing and I'm afraid to say that most ladies are afraid of opening up to express themselves sexually and I don't understand why.
Please dear wife, your husband is your inheritance, submission also entails letting your husband know how you want him to help you enjoy sexual intimacy in your marriage. You cannot be married and be having sex as though you are fornicating with your husband. He doesn't romance you, you keep quiet, he pumps you like a horse and you fake orgasm, then endure the pains and off he goes boasting that he gave her a sensational sex.
She's there feeling frustrated but the last thing she would do is open her mouth and express herself, instead she will start looking for boys that will sleep with her.
You see, this cycle isn't how God ordained marriage to be and anyone who makes you think that you should not enjoy sex with your husband is sincerely sending you straight to the devil's den.
Sex is a communion that you cannot tolerate or manage because your communication effectiveness depends greatly on your sexual fulfilment as couples.
Please begin by talking about sex with your husband. Find out more how he enjoys the menu, does he feel satisfied with the performance, are there things he would love you to give to him or done for him, simply listen to him and when he's done, then you will open your mouth and let him know that you have some deep cravings and desires to give him sex in a manner that words cannot describe.
Open your heart, eyes and body, breast feed him, take him to all the exotic zones of your body, romance his testicles, massage his head and heart with strength and pleasure, if you are okay with blow job, it's your job to give it a try.
If you want to experiment with a new position, simply suggest it in your menu and stop looking like a frustrated wife, you are too beautiful to be that way. Take charge of things when he's with you, do not just offer your body for sex but be part of the sexual ministration. Do not wait until he ask you to undress before the atmosphere will be full of sex aura.
Buy some seductive underwear and revealing tops, do not wait for him to call your attention, by mere massaging his penis, he'll be alive to do your bidding without so much ado.
Men also crave to be desired, appreciated and aroused just like the women. So instead of one boring first round, spend more time with his penis, massage his back kiss his ears and then allow him to give your body a beautiful massage before lunching into penetrative sex and I will encourage you to try different positions that will bring varieties and creativity to lovemaking in your marriage.
Since his work doesn't give him much time to be with you, please maximise every moment you have with him and make things memorable for you and your husband. There is no need to close your heart and emotions when you could be wild and help him get to the sexual climax of his body. This is what many prostitutes do which most wives shy away from for fear of being judged. Sex is not meant for men alone neither was it meant to be endured and managed but sex was created by God for mutual satisfaction and sensational and explosive experience amongst couples.
There is no way I could tell whether there's another lady in the picture but what I want you to do is to let your husband know that you are the only man in her life and give him sex in the manner that you crave for instead of the shabby sex you are currently experiencing with him.
There are some spices that can boost sexual experience like ginger, garlic, white onions, walnut, and moringa seeds. You can use them to prepare his meal or add to his juice so that he can be reinvigorated for some steamy sessions.
Sex is not to be managed by couples but should be part of your most cherished encounter in your marriage.

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