Saturday, January 2, 2016

I Don't Want Sex but I Need His Help!

Good evening Mrs Van-lare. May the Almighty God give you more wisdom to solve our problems in Jesus name! Amen.
l am a married woman with two kids (boy and girl). My husband was doing very well before we got married,it was after our first baby that his business collapsed and things started getting worse up till now.
To be frank with you my hubby can not boast of N500 now unless he was given by a friend. I am now the lamp holder of the family, I provide food, pay our children's school fees,electricity bill, house rent (one bedroom apartment),buy hubby's wears,recharge his phone, still take care of my siblings.
I work with a private sector which I don't earn up to N40, 000 in a month. Ma,you should know what 'am passing through. There's this guy I was dating,we lost contact after my marriage, now it happens that I met him at a seminar a company organized, he is now very rich,we were so happy seeing each other.
During our conversation, I explained things to him and he promised to be helping. He is married likewise but no kid yet. He started helping my family that my husband even knew about him. He pays children's fees,help my siblings,he also promised to connect me to a state government job by January which he is through with arrangements.
Ma'am, my problem is that, he disturbs me for sex each time I am close to him,if I hesitate he will be far from assisting us ,if I ask him why the answer he will give me is that he doesn't know why. He said that my body is too tempting to touch and I am still like I was when we were together that no difference. Pls ma I really need your advice and that of your fans. I don't like having sex with another man who is not my husband and I still need his assistance. Pls what should be my plans. Thanks and God bless.

Because you are married to your husband under God, please resist the devil and use this new year to stop collecting anything from him or compromising your relationship with God. 
Since his magnanimity is not without a reward of sex, please choose to suffer in good faith than fall prey of the devil's plot to ridicule your husband and destroy your marriage. 
I understand that things are terribly bad for you, I am also feeling the impact of the economy too and we are all praying and trusting God for divine breakthrough but we cannot compromise on our personal relationship with God nor should you betray your husband in times of adversity. 
Encourage your husband to start up a business or skills no matter how little or dirty it maybe. 
At least a man who earns N3,000 - N5,000 a day can at least provide the daily meals of his family. Use this opportunity to work with your husband and gather the resources that you have and see if there are any business he can invest in. 
He can try transportation, building, painting, decoration, catering or any other businesses that he's comfortable with. There is no shame or apologies for earnings a legitimate income. 
Let him argument what you are earning and then save some money to go back into business hopefully something better than what he was doing in the past. 
I'm sorry that you are going through this unpleasant moments in your marriage,one thing I can assure you is that it will never last and soon enough you will see the grace of God manifesting in your family and marriage but you cannot afford to allow the devil convince you to do what is evil and wicked in the eyes of God. 
Your marriage is worth much more than his connections and assistance and please do not return back to him for any help. 
When the going gets tough, don't run to men for assistance, instead run to God the source who has all it takes not to only fix your challenges but to also elevate you beyond your imagination and expectations. 
It's well with you and your family, please be positive and use this opportunity to cover your husband's nakedness, nobody should know about this unless you are talking to God. Please do not tell anyone what you are not doing and all you are doing, let all you seek be how to get better opportunities for your husband and your family. 
Things will surely get better, I have no doubt about that if you can decide to let go of this temptation. 

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  1. My dear , stop collecting Greek gifts. In my, 9 years of marriage, I am the only breadwinner. I pay fees, feed and cloth everyone. I lost my job and life savings going on 5years now. So I understand your situation but in these years, I have had some strange offers but chose to ignore them. If a man helps you, you are hooked. Look unto God, I have my gaze fixed on God and I make bold to say that I have never known a better last year. Favour all round. Just look for another business to augment your earnings. God bless you and your family


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