Saturday, January 2, 2016

Can We Talk About Sex in a Godly Relationship?

Happy new year ma!..Please I want to know, is it right for I and my partner to discuss sex related issues in a godly relationship?..
Some people are of the opinion that it will result to temptation but since its a distant relationship I don't think that will be the case.
Honestly the sexual issues prevalent in most marriages today make me shudder and I do think discussing such issues prior to marriage will go a long way in reducing such issues later on.
I just want your opinion on the issue and that of the house. It's a purely Godly relationship hoping to be finalized into marriage by the middle of this year. We discuss every other thing apart from sexual issues.
Thanks, anticipating your response.

In a purely Godly relationship between a man with blood flowing through his veins and have a penis attached to his lower abdomen and a lady who also have blood flowing through her veins and also have beautiful boobs, curvy body and a vagina attached to the beautiful countryside of her body, it is not only right but absolutely essential for you to discuss with your partner about sex and sexuality. 
You need to explore his mind to find out some of his sexual fantasies (no matter how innocent a man looks, his head is over booting with sexual fantasies every day). 
You need to know what you can accommodate and accept and what you cannot cope with. Some men may have some strange requests, strange positions and strange yearnings about sex which you should be familiar with so that you can get prepared as you look forward to embracing each other's nakedness. 
If you don't discuss about sex, how do you hope to understand his sexual personality? 
Because you cannot separate sex from your marriage, you cannot pretend about the issues of sex but how far you and your partner are willing to discuss depends on how honest and open you are to each other. 
Things like penis size, positions, secret desires like some men that loves suckling (men though) and some that loves blow jobs. 
There's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of and of course you may have yours too and like how you would love to be kissed and caressed and the likes. 
And your sexual fears like over domineering attitude of some men whose definition of sex is undress, insert, release and pull out. 
This will bring out the person behind the handsome clothes and dresses you both wear. 
Like I said earlier, it is very very important for both of you to talk about sex and also study some books and articles that teaches about sex before getting married to your partner to avoid misunderstandings and sexual challenges in your marriage.

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  1. It is essential to discuss about sex in a relationship that would lead to marriage so that one would enter with the right mindset. All these hypocrisies lead to problems in marriages.


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