Saturday, January 2, 2016

Is The Risk Worth Taking?

Good day, I'm a student and also in school and I'm in a relationship with this girl. The problem is that her parents are poor and no one cares about her, and I have been her helper for the past month, I helped her get her JAMB and aptitude test forms and she gained admission and the problem is she has no one one to pay her fees and she sees me as her last resort.
My question is would you advice me to pay her fees, though I do not have much but I can take the risk, but would you advice me to do it, I know I love her but is the risk worth taking.?
We are engaged, I will be 28 years by this month, please I don't want to make mistakes.

Every decision we take in life is ordinarily a risk including sleeping and waking up. 
Funny enough we are brave enough to take some risks and then so afraid of taking other risks. 
You are in love with her and you are engaged to marry her which means by inference you are assured that getting married to her will be the greatest blessings in your life. 
I want to believe that you have some level of trust and confidence in her personality and you are assured that God is with you in this journey. 
I understand what you maybe afraid of but when you are convinced that she's the one for you and that you and your partner can work together to achieve your vision, why then are you suddenly confused whether to support your partner?
If you weren't convinced or engaged to her or perhaps prepared to grow in love with her, maybe I would have understood better. 
Anyways here is what I advice, whenever you are lead to help or assist anyone whether close or far away, do it solely because of love and the personal relationship you have with God and not for any sort of consolations or rewards from anyone. 
This will help you not to demand so much from those that you have assisted but to look unto God for reward. 
I won't tell you what to do but what I know you should have in mind is that every challenge or circumstances you and your partner experiences in life is a test of how much you and your partner are willing to hold on for each other and how much you genuinely love each other.
May God guide your heart and reveal his intentions for you concerning this. 


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  2. You are already engaged with her. Go on as well (marry her and train her) in school. Ka asiri naa. I would have suggested (train her and marry her) . I said this bc your fears could surface in future, if she tears eye she might then find one fault or the other.


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