Saturday, January 2, 2016

My Partner is Very Stingy!

Hello ma, happy Christmas and new year in advance, please ma I want to know if I did the right thing.
Am not the type of person that ask guys for money because I always feel shy in doing that. Am in a relationship with this guy for a year plus now, he is financially okay I truly love him and he also told me that he loves me but my guy is very stingy.
Ever since we met he has never given me a dime, am always the one that do the calling on phone, he likes flashing me but whenever he managed to call it never exceeds a minute.
Last month I was in need of money, of which I told him and he promised to help out but the day he supposed to give me the money I called him more than ten times but he didn't pick the call and he never called back, I was very angry with him. After three days he came to my place and apologised to me that he was very sorry for not keeping to his promise, I accepted his apology.
I travelled for Christmas on 24th December which I told him before travelling. yesterday he called and asked me to come back to Aba that he missed me and also wanted to see me, I told him I don't have transport fare, he said I should borrow from someone that he will pay back but I refused. Later we concluded that he will transfer some money into my account for the transport fare.
This afternoon he transferred a thousand naira(#1,000) the money is for coming back to Aba and going back to my village. He later called me to know if I have receive the alert, I told him that I have seen the alert but I can't come back to Aba with that (#1000) that it's too small, he became angry and said I should not come again that I should forget about it he cut the call.
Since that afternoon he has not called me and I know he will not call. (Note: my village is Umuahia in Abia state)
Now I want to know if am wrong by telling him that the money was not enough..

Your mail was sincerely funny but I'm trying my best not to laugh because I understand that you feel bad about this. 
Well whenever you receive any gift, no matter how ridiculous or disgraceful such a gift is, be kind enough to say thank you.
I think that was what you didn't get right but it's really pathetic that a man could transfer N1000 into the account of a lady as transport fares well you need not fall asleep with him because you may have yourself to blame when he has gotten what he wanted from you. 
I have no idea what you meant when you said that he loves you because a man who cannot care for you even if you don't ask for it will never appreciate your commitment nor care about when you are in need of such. 
It negates everything that love represents. 


  1. Dear Lady, you did NOTHING wrong in telling him the money was not going to be enough because it is not going to be enough. See, re-evaluate your relationship with this guy. This is a new year. Ask yourself and ask your God if it is really okay to keep investing your time and energy in this relationship. As in, is this a lifestyle you can continue to cope with now and in the future? Did you even get a gift from him this Christmas?

  2. Aunty Amara don't judge this guy wrong (am not suppoting him though) relationship is not a business venture but rather two way affairs, the only thing this lady could bust of doing for him is call him. He is financially OK but what have you contributed in his life or who tell you a rich man doesn't need help n support. My dear if you claim to love a man make sure its from your whole heart not because he is financially buoyant. Thumb up Mrs Amara am one of your great fans from Germany


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