Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I Keep Praying and Fasting for my Husband!

Good morning aunty Amara,I have been truly blessed with your online messages may God bless you in deed. Please I want to share some personal issues with you. I went for a vigil one day and a man of God said I have spiritual husband that was why I kept having disappointments.
Another day I was at the saloon a woman saw me and told me that I have a calling that until I answer my call to work for God that I won't find my own man. I keep having disappointments I don't know what to think, praying and crying everyday like a baby. Please I need your help.

What you don't believe will never manifest in your life. I do know that there are marine powers and that they could influence anyone who has sought after its powers but for a pastor to pronounce you possessed simply because you are single is somewhat ridiculous and unbelievable to say the least.
Singleness is not a spiritual demon that possess ladies who have not gotten married at the world's stipulated age and for the fact that a lady is not married doesn't mean that her life is meaningless or without any focus or purpose.
Instead of meeting with one pastor and seeking another prophesy, I will suggest that you engage yourself in something profitable and beneficial to you. Invest your time in God's word and in developing yourself financially, and mentally.
Every individual or entity on earth has a calling and a purpose for which God has called him or her and it is your duty to discover the purpose for which God has ordained you.
Only then will you find true fulfilment in your journey and have many reasons to bless God for life.
As for the spiritual husband, kindly cancel such thought in your life and surrender yourself to Jesus Christ while you live in accordance to God's word.

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  1. so in this modern age we still believe/talk of spiritual
    husband/wife? study well and u will know is heresy....God
    help us for truth/falsehood is a seed, for what dwells in ur
    mind feeds u


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