Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Should I Stop Waiting for Him?

Auntie AV-L God should give you more wisdom , that's my prayers to you. I really need your assistance. I'm 27 years old now, and my guy is 35 years old now. We've known each other like four years now. He's a graduate but still searching for a job.
Right from the very day we started this relationship, his intentions was to marry me, but my family kept on telling me that, delay was dangerous that I should stop waiting for him. Everyone in my family hates me because I don't give a listening ears to my suitors because of my boyfriend. Is it still right to believe in the words of my guy? .

There is nothing wrong with believing in the man you are comfortable with and is convinced that you will be happy with him but I feel that this is the time for him to put his faith to work and start up something that will help him accomplish his vision with you.
On your own part, I suggest that you start up sometime and work with him to see anything you and your partner can do to raise some funds and establish yourself which will help him to do the needful.
But it still depends on how humble and willing he is to work and earn a living from what he devotes his time and effort to achieve. These days being a graduate is not a guarantee that you will be employed in a company so he need to add a skill to his certificate so that he can be productive to himself and the society.
If after an extensive discussions and deliberations with him, you discover that he's a man who's not willing to try something different from submitting CVs, staying at home and lamenting about the bad state of the economy, kindly bid him goodbye and trust God for a responsible man who is willing to fight through the hard times to be with you.
I understand the fears of your parents and I also will encourage you to look beyond promises and see what you and your partner can make of the relationship before deciding on what's best for you at this point in your life.

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