Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I'm Lonely, Sad and Frustrated!

Greetings to you ma and happy new year. Please ma there is an issue bothering me and even as I type am so sad about it.
I am Miss A, I'll be 24 this year and am currently serving,am not a wayward person and I try to be of good behaviour,but ma what is making me sad is the fact that my parents especially my mum will not allow me to go out let alone make friends.
I don't have friends at all,most times am very lonely and even now I can hardly associate with people cos I don't even know how to. Back then when I was little my mum used to beat me up just for me to accept that I was touched in sensitive parts and out of fear I would admit to what never happened and she is currently doing the same thing to my younger sis.
Ma please what do I do to change this attitude, am really frustrated about all these,I don't have a relationship because I can't even keep any,am scared!!!

What are you scared of? That God won't send your husband to you or that your mother will continue to maltreat and abuse you for life?
I understand that she could have been doing that either out of what she experienced when she was naive and young out of fear that you may be influenced negatively and that could be a challenge for her.
Good news is that you are currently serving and the grip cannot be as stiff as it was when you were still in school. Now you can tell your left from your right and compare to know the benefits of your decisions in life.
You can utilise this opportunity to develop your self esteem, skills and virtues that you may need when you get married. Get yourself exposed to books that will build you up spiritually, emotionally and financially and prepare yourself for life after NYSC. Start applying for job offers and search for opportunities where your services and skills maybe required. You cannot continue to wallow in self pity or feel choked because of your mother's approach to motherhood, though it's just not the best but one thing that you must not take away from her is the fact that she have good intentions for you and your future.
Even though you cannot bring your friends home, you can still engage in a healthy and beneficial discussions with them and then join associations that will keep your mind positive and passionate about your convictions.
I want to believe that your mother doesn't treat you as though you have questions to answer and can now delegate some responsibilities to you and also trust in your personality too.
Nobody can cage you forever and nothing can hinder you from getting married to your own husband. All you need to do is remain positive, prepare yourself and wait for the opportunity to come.


  1. Engage with activities in church,it will build you to interact with like minds before getting too close with social clubs,etc.

  2. Engage with activities in church,it will build you to interact with like minds before getting too close with social clubs,etc.


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