Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I'm Thinking of Running Away!

Aunty Amara please I need your help... Am becoming
I just graduated, now am at home but my father wants to frustrate me. Would you believe that my father doesn't talk to me or even respond to my greetings.. After my program in
school, I came back home and my dad has made life
hell for me.
If my siblings do something and I scold them my dad ends up scolding me in their presence and calling me names... On December 15th last year, I had a little scuffle with my kid sister instead of scolding her he scolded me and even joined hands with her to beat me up and I sustained injures...
As am typing now, am crying not just because am fed up with life but because am thinking of running away from home, cannot go back to school to compute my results so I can be cleared to start NYSC clearance because he told me he has washed his hands off me... Aunty Amara what do I Do?....
Cannot really point out what led to this because even before they beat me up we were all talking and laughing... I have not seen my results so I do not know my CGPA.... That's the more reason I want to go back to school...

Do not let this little pressure from your father make you consider running away from your home. The good news is that you have already graduated from the higher institution so you are on your path to independence and this should encourage you to be strong emotionally and be grateful.
Even if your father doesn't respond to your greetings, still greet him and even when everyone is against you, still appreciate and respect them. Avoid anything that will make you raise your voice on your siblings or make you fight with any of them.
You are way above that and you shouldn't let anyone make you feel inferior or discouraged or feel inadequate by their attitude.
When you get to church, talk to your pastor about this development so that he will talk to your dad and help you make sense of his latest attitude. You may also consider talking to someone that your dad respects and listens to so that the individual will have some time with your dad and help resolve whatever maybe his pains or grievances towards you.
But be strong and be positive, do not allow this to build hatred and bitterness towards your dad. Pray for him and ask God provide all that he needs to be a great dad to you and your siblings.


  1. Be strong dear. I had same experience though not from my parent or sibling but from the people I am staying with. I was going through hard times then to the point that i wanted to run away but I decided to forgive them and move on. I am still living with them but I don't let their actions get to me. I prefer loving them till I am ready to leave.

  2. Maybe he found out he isn't ur dad

  3. My dear,I feel your pain but I think you should talk to someone your dad listens too and found out why he has to behave like this.

  4. I think people should always come out here with a detailed story 2 unable a quality advice.what hv u done 2 ur dad dt saw u tru schl and raised u up 2 warrant ds kind of attitude and treatment? Did he jst find out u weren't in skul afta all? Or u were unserious wit ur studies? Hw many yrs hv u spent in skul? Or hv u deviated frm d lady he raised u 2 b? He won't hate u over night,sth wud hv prompted his 4 his 4gvnes and try 2b in gud terms wit him.b a better dota

  5. I was once in such but didn't lead up to beating from any one.
    I graduated with out a job,income,married or anything.i felt like I was the unlucky one among my siblings and I was the eldest of them all.
    I did all manner of job just to earn an income and be free from the insults even thought of running away but that was not the solution cos where would I run to.
    bur I put all my trust in God and had to muster all the patience in the world.then my hubby came by and encouraged me too.
    Today,iam happy and my dad and siblings are also happy and want and wish to see me even using me as a case study to others for encouragement.
    so my dear,dont run away.its a way of making you a stronger woman for your tomorrow,ok.
    also don't fail to acknowledge God in your life.


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