Saturday, January 30, 2016

Most Men Prefer Sex Before Marriage!

Good afternoon ma, I have a burden in my heart. I am a single lady and ready to settle down for marriage. I lost so many guys in the past because if we are ready to date and being in a relationship. I always told them kissing and sex are not allowed during dating which they always say no.
They want sex before marriage while I always told them we can't flow. What should I do ma? I don't want to lost them. I follow what God said in the Bible. Eighty percent of the guys I met prefer sex before marriage.
How do I keep them without losing any guy? I am so confused, what is the solution ma? Thank you. Looking forward to your reply.

Understanding God's word is one thing, but the manner in which you apply God's word is another. Even sinners knows what God said concerning premarital sex but sometimes the approach and manner in which you present your personal convictions and decisions about sex maybe perceived as trying to put a hedge thereby hindering men from approaching you and committing to you or the relationship.
If for example a man comes to you and declares his intentions to date you and the next day you tell him, "be informed that I won't accept kissing and sex in the relationship" the person will naturally leave crushed and wounded because you have succeeded in letting him know that you have a vagina and a boobs but he shouldn't tamper with them.
Another lady would meet a man who is interested in a relationship with her and she could choose to say something like "I know that by the virtue of being in a relationship with you, there will be a temptation to touch, to romance, and to have sex but that I have a personal conviction with God to keep my body till the wedding night, please I hope that you are comfortable with the idea and that you will encourage me to stand?
While the two ladies said the same thing, one pushed the man away while the other was considerate to the reality that being in a relationship will naturally make him to develop sexual feelings for her but that they are willing to wait for the right time.
Even if the man came for sex, he would naturally want to know more about the lady because of her attitude and disposition and no matter where he maybe, be will never forget that lady who never made him feel like a jerk.
I know that there are some men whose intentions are sex but there are others who are willing to honour the God that you serve and respect your decision to wait so instead of pushing some men away, you may use the opportunity to plant a seed of God's word in their life or help them realise that there is more to a relationship than sex.
You don't need all the guys, but need a man who understands what you need as a lady and is willing to stand with you for the rest of your life in all circumstances and challenges of life.
Continue to pray that God will order your steps and favour you with the man who will love God so much that he would encourage you to keep your body and prayerfully prepare yourself to be a virtuous lady whose value is more than anyone can compare with.
He's still faithful and will favour you with the desires of your heart.


  1. That's the spirit aunt Amara Van-Lare. Junk and health life never sync. Your hubby too is awesome. I never like junk too so is my four awesome kids. We are all natural. God has also been in your favour because you walk with Him every step of the way. I admire your spirit of uprightness. Keep it up.

  2. i was like those men, but now i just gave up dating after reading this article!it changed my life!


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