Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My Mum is Against my Choice of Partner!

Hello Amara, I have this man we have been dating for four years now. We have our ups and down but he's aware that I do try to make the relationship stand. I travelled out of the country last year, things have not been better breaking up making up the bond between us is just communication.
Sometimes I make call home just to check on him while he has never called me, maybe WhatsApp call but it can take every five months before he call again. The only thing he does is just messenger only that's the communication we have at times it's hard because the communication is boring and when I hear my friends tell me how their men call them how they Skype it leaves me with pain only if I complain to him he does think I like bringing an argument between us.
Right now my mum just told me that he does not want the man am dating yet he has never even met the guy they have only through phone he say if I come back to the country and continue with the relationship, I should forget she is my mother. She isn't even telling her reason she just said she doesn't like the man please advice.

When you come back, take your time and talk with your mother so that you can find out what made her feel that you cannot be married to your partner.
You see, in your relationship, everyone must not accept your choice of partner or should they appreciate him but what they owe you is their prayers and encouraging words that you shall succeed in your relationship.
You owe yourself much more than anyone else can possibly imagine because any mistake in your choice of partner could spell doom for your career, your happiness, safety and fulfilment in life.
Please make out time to communicate with your partner so that you can understand his personality, purpose, passion and the vision for his life and the relationship. Long distance relationship most times do have communication challenges which could be for any minor or major challenges but if you trust your partner and you share the same convictions with him, it makes the relationship a lot better and convenient and minimises so much tension and anxieties especially when you don't hear from him.
You can also explore other social media platform and try some visual communication applications so that you can feel close to him and also communicate effectively with him.
For me, I'm worried about the commitment and the mutual communication in your relationship and I feel that you should focus on understanding what could be going wrong so that you can discuss with him and find out alternatives to the challenge and restore the relationship.
I guess when you are back, many other things will be fixed and deliberated on before deciding on the future of the relationship.

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