Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What's my Fate?

Please aunty I need your reply to know what to do, I married in 2014, got pregnant early last year, my husband wanted to kill me with beating and maltreatment upon that he asked me to go. I had to go to my father's stayed there, carried the pregnancy and delivered there.
Now he has gone to welfare that he's not interested in the marriage and that he wants his child. I can't stand giving this child away , the child that I have suffered so much for . From my observation he has bribed some of the welfare people there.
Someone told me the child will be taken from me after three years, another told me thirteen years. A lady told me at eighteen years then the child will decide who to follow. If he takes my child he can't take care of her at all, what he will do is give him to his wicked mother for her to be selling pure water for her, because that is the mother's business.
Please what is my fate here.

Prepare yourself and gather all the evidences that you can lay your hands on to prove that he cannot take care of his daughter and as such cannot be the custodian of your daughter given her tender age and the circumstances that she will be exposed to.
You need not panic or get worried unnecessarily, when you get to the welfare and have presented your case, then they will decide on what to do and in an event where the justice wasn't fair enough, you will need to get a lawyer and file a suit in a court so that you can fight for your right.
Also if he's no longer interested with the marriage, he should file for a divorce so that he can liberate you to decide on what you need at this point in your life.

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