Monday, January 11, 2016

She Starves Her Husband of Sex!

Good evening aunty Amara please post as soon as possible.
I visited my sister who put to bed three months ago. She told me for two weeks now her hubby had been demanding for love making which she refused with the excuses that someone told her that she should give herself six months before having sex with her hubby.
My sister is fit and strong and I don't know why she should starve her hubby of sex please aunty kindly advice her before something funny will happen.

It is both selfish, wicked and evil for anyone to deny his or her partner of their conjugal right in marriage for illegitimate and selfish reasons. If the someone who told you to not to give your husband sex isn't a medical doctor who is in a better position to know the condition of your body much better than anyone else, then you may need to start preparing to go for a prayer meeting with him or her to help restore your husband back to you.
Even if you are afraid of conceiving while breastfeeding, he can make love with you using condom but not for you to shut him off for six months. That's too risky for your marriage.
Medically couples are enjoined to start having sex six weeks after delivery but for you to push it to six months is inviting the devil willingly to destroy your home.
Please do not use your child as an excuse to push your man into cheating because you will work twice as hard to win him back that is if he's yielding.
Sex is not a privilege you give to him but his right and please do not destroy the very home you hope to enjoy with your husband.


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