Monday, January 11, 2016

Should I Accept Her Offer?

Well done ma,I pray God's oil over your life will never run dry and may you lack no good thing in yiur life. I met a lady through my neighbour(she's her younger sister) and will be 25 years this year. Her sister is married and have moved out of my current residential compound and her immediate brother is currently occupying the room. I have known her younger sister for over three years and we have been so close like been intimate friends,she confides in me and has a good heart.
Her ex broke her heart because he impregnated an army general's daughter which led to a lot of crisis for him but he hid it from her. She got to know this when she travelled to know his residence in Ondo state with her friend for the first time. She cried her eyes out and came back to Lagos the following day. She came to visit me the following week and narrated all what happened but I still encouraged her to be cheerful and give the guy a second chance as he may be scared of telling her such. After some months she decided to move on with her life despite the guy's constant calls of apologies and text messages.
Well, I started having a strong feeling towards her even before she broke up with her guy because I was off relationship because my ex also broke my heart which she's also aware about. We both went and greet her elder sister in Ikorodu last week Sunday and while coming back we boarded a bus heading home(we stay in different locations)I told her that I really love her and would want to start something meaningful with her,she looked at me and smiled and told me to go and pray about it. I told her to give me three days to make my spiritual consultations.
I later told her on the fourth day which was on 7th January 2016;I confirmed from two men of God that we are both compatible and our future will both be brighter together. After telling her this she said she will also do her own consultations and will tell me tomorrow. She's aware that I applied for a loan at work and will be given next month end but it won't be able to pay for the total package.
She said I shouldn't worry that she'll assist me with the rest. I initially wanted to rent a one room apartment in Maryland but she opted for a room self-contain. Mam, should I accept her offer? I'm thinking if she won't nag about that later in the future. I'm so sorry for the lengthy message.

Why do you think that she will nag about that in the future and I thought you were convinced that she is the one for you?
The only advice I have is that you seek the face of God concerning your relationship proposals and not the views of pastors.
Men who succeed in marriage consults God first and do not depend on the spiritual assistance of pastors. As a man and husband, you must have a personal relationship with God so that you can be there to protect your wife, support her, defend her and provide her needs.
You have to make God's word part of your life and understands your roles and responsibilities as a man in the house.
That she offered to assist you shouldn't be viewed in a bad light and you shouldn't have any negative feeling about the lady that you claimed to love.
Organise yourself and manage your resources judiciously so that you can make some investment and plan for your future.

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  1. Dear Sender.

    I have one principle. Don't start what you cannot finish. If you know you do not have genuine plan for her pls don't accept her cash, as a friend yes uou can borrow it and pay back make sure you pay back. If you know this your feelings are fake pls don't start what you cannot finish.



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