Monday, January 11, 2016

Who Should I Choose?

Am a 25 years old lady into a relationship of almost five years with a 26 years old guy. We really love ourselves and getting along, and also am a Corp member and he is too,he promised marriage by next year at most April ,and I met a guy last year in the state where am serving and he's asking for my hands in marriage and I love him too.
He's okay though looking for a job at the moment but wants to marry me by June ,am an only child and wish to settle down. Please what do I do, am confused? Don't want to make a wrong choice.

You need to figure out who you are, what you want and what you need before you figure out who to settle for. Marriage is not a settlement for those who are looking for a title but a responsibility that is both demanding and sometimes challenging. You cannot be in a relationship with a man for five years and just as you stepped into a new area, you suddenly fell in love with another man just because he promised you marriage and confessed how much he loves you.
It only portrays you as a lady who is looking for the highest bidder and is not emotionally prepared to invest in a relationship and help her partner succeed in life. You need to learn to stick with one partner at a time and when you are convinced that such a partner isn't good enough for you, then you should quit the relationship before engaging with another partner.
You need to deliberately invest in understanding your partner, being his friend and taking some time to appreciate him as your friend before considering marriage.
Marriage is no joker and it's for the emotionally prepared, spiritually sensitive and psychologically stable minds not for those who are old enough or rich or feel that they need to be married because their friends are married.


  1. nysc destroying relationship since 1900.young lady,u re too eager for marriage,u didn't state any bad vices of your long term boyfriend.Aunty amara have said it all,a word is enough for the wise but seriously what made you think the nysc guy is ready?cos he told u so?
    Am currently serving and have seen a lot of foolish girls throw away their treasure for nysc luv.90% of relationship in nysc ends with the service year.

  2. My dear I suggest you go back to your man, all that glitters are not gold. 5 years is not 5days. My advice to ladies is to marry a man that loves you more than you love. He will appreciate, respect and love you more. Money is not everything, there may be money but you may never know peace. Lastly dear poster, I just read a mail from a guy that sounds like yours, could he be your guy? Anyway that's by the way.


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