Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Should I Follow Him Up?

Compliments of the season. I really appreciate how you render counsel. I think am safe sharing mine with you.

Some few year ago, a guy was all over me but didn't say anything, but I understood the body language and he's a kind of shy person. He wouldn't want to hurt a fly, he's very God fearing. I liked him then but not for marriage, the annoying thing was he wouldn't speak up. Cos have seen some people who are close to someone later goes to marry someone else. Later on to say if they made any proposal so I was careful.

Just last year, his thought started flooding me, something keeps telling me, can't you see he's the one that truly respects and values you. So I started calling him. Although all the while he was over me I treated him badly, like he never exited. Now is so different, I call him, we chat and discuss but he Doesn't really respond much and avoids me. what do I do? Have apologized to him, besides I was scared nervous of some marital violence I see around me.

One of my pastors, advised me to follow him up, show love and care. Am doing all that,still nothing. Have asked him if there is someone else, he said yes but that there is no commitment between them. He promised coming to visit me but refused to fulfill it, he keeps giving me excuses for not coming.

Have told my pastor that I don't want it to look as if am desperate,but he objected it saying I should go for my man.

What do I do?

What I failed to write in my previous article about television and tuning (Read Here) was that when a man loses interest in the television, nothing may likely bring him back because men don't respond to tuning but to adventures of hunting. 
So whenever a man subscribes to your channel, even if you are not interested in his offer, be kind to him because just like you know that signals may not be clear enough but it doesn't mean that he's not with the right programme. 
Since you have tried to reignite the relationship, kindly step aside and allow him to decide whether he's still interested in you. 
All you need to do now is pray and be patient with him while you maintain a healthy friendship with him. 
Do not send a signal that he's all you need because it'll scare him away from you. 
If he comes back, then you can shower him with all the love you can imagine but please do not let impatience and fear make you chase him far away. 


  1. On point aunty Amara,exactly what am abt to say.Poster heed her advice...o,better that way.

  2. On point aunty Amara,exactly what am abt to say.Poster heed her advice...o,better that way.


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