Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Why Do Girls Take Faithful Men for Granted?

Good day aunty Amara, may this year be a better year for you and every other member in this group. Please I need your advice and that of the honourable members in this group on some issues.
I am an independent man in his early 30's, a free thinker, I believe so much in equality between men and women. I have trained myself to respect women so much that I think it's having a negative effect on my relationship with women.
Eg. If I ask a girl out and she turns me down so be it, I don't go on pestering her or trying to convince her to date me, I just try to kill the feelings I have developed for her, but she will later come to accuse me of coming to play with her feelings, can you imagine?.
A girl comes to spend the night with me and when I want to touch her at night she refused and I repect her and let her be. She now goes to tell her friends that am not man enough because she slept in my house and I could not even ''do anything''.
I have lost three serious relationships but one thing is certain , they always want me back after a period of time like two or three years later, which I find very difficult to go back to even when the feelings is still there, not especialy when am in another relationship already. Am too faithful to a fault when in a serious relationship.
Now my questions are.............
To what extent are women to be respected?
Is it proper or wise to give a woman who left you for someone else for no just cause of yours a second chance?
Why will a woman say no to a relationship proposition only to turn around and accuse you of not being serious because you did not pester her around, but to you, you were only respecting her decision?
Why do most girls take a boy who is too faithful to them for granted?
Thanks for your anticipated response.

Sure you do have many questions to ask but I hope to give a shot to most of them. 
Let's begin with understanding women and their personality. Have you ever wondered why women love gisting? It's simply because they love as much attention as they can get every second of the time. 

Women connect with communication and they relate with the consistency of your vision, perception and passion for them. They will give everything to experience those moments of being talked to and being appreciated. 
They are not the straight forward thinking kind of individuals like men because they just don't listen with their eyes, they perceive with their nose, confirm with their own eyes and be convinced by their own emotions. Simply put, they want to feel what you are thinking about them or saying concerning them. Guess that's why they fall for players faster than they do for those who are faithful straight forward kind of men. (don't get me wrong, it's good to be faithful and straightforward to the point) 

So what do players do that most faithful men don't do? Players are always consistent and they always have something to say to make a lady feel happy,comfortable, connected and appreciated. But faithful men seems to be perfect for a husband but boring during dating so ladies don't seems to know what he's not saying or how he feels about them and perhaps that's why they may not respond faster the way they will do to players. 
Players are always playful, funny, exciting and trendy, what do ladies love about these qualities? Attention! So anything that makes them visible wherever they find themselves is indeed a good publicity but do faithful men have time for all those drama? 

Players don't understand what a No is all about and to them it means the signals isn't clear but needs to be fine tuned. I'm certain that you came across the old black and white television. That television has an amazing features that can be applied in understanding the female world. 
When you turn the channel knob to a particular number, you will then use the fine tuning knob to tune the channel until the signal is clearer. 
That's how most ladies are, when they say no, they could mean that the channel isn't clear enough or that you are on the wrong channel and you need to do some tuning and fine tuning to get a clearer signal. This the players know already but the problem most times is that the faithful men do not have the patience and understanding to tune and fine tune, instead they would discard the television and go for another one. 

Players don't listen to what a lady is saying alone but they also listen to what a lady is expressing with her attitude and body. If a lady for example says please don't touch me but her hands is already on your body, you don't need any further information for you to explore and give her the attention that she craves for even though she may not say it. 

So you see, ladies world and that of men are world apart but with understanding and patience you can always have your way around that with little or no stress. 
That doesn't mean that you shouldn't respect a lady or appreciate her for who she is nor does it mean that you should be a player instead of being faithful. 
When you have made your intentions and purpose clear and a lady decides to play with your emotions, there's nothing else you can do than to bid her goodbye instead of torturing yourself emotionally. 

And if the lady that you expressed your intentions for comes back to you, it's up to you to decide whether to accept her back or not but then again if the love you confess for a lady doesn't stand the test of time, what exactly is your vision for loving a lady and expressing your love for her? 
Everyone in life do have many chances to make amends and rebuild the broken walls so if you are comfortable with the idea, why not? 
So maybe before you set out to woo a lady, make out time to examine what you appreciate about her personality, her values, her attitude and her passion. Then begin with communicating your heart to her and even when she says no, fine tune to find out if you are communicating with the wrong signal or frequency. 

Do not just turn back because she said no and then claim that you're respecting her decision, but take some time, invest in friendship and then be consistent with your vision to win her heart. Most ladies will take a consistent man more serious than a faithful man with a few words and little patience. 
Take your time and understand the lady you are communicating with so that you can be on the same frequency with her and then appreciate your intentions for her. 
In all, be yourself and seek a partner who understands your personality and perception in life.


  1. Women!
    Since God created women...
    He has never rested...
    Just look at what women have caused for this my guy...
    You people have cast him into confusion..
    Now he needs help...
    He wants to understand you peoples problem and why you behave in such a strange manner...
    Ndi "hard to get"
    Na una get stage now...
    Turn up and save this guys situation..
    I've asked so many ladies this question..
    I was disappointed that most women simply do not know why they behave the way they do...
    They just want to follow the trend..
    And that is why most ladies are trapped in the web of pretence...
    You'll hardly find a lady that says what she means and means what she says...
    The fact remains that women do not prefer to hangout with serious guys..
    They see them as insensitive and too rigid..
    Practically...I've discovered that women prefer guys who flatter them, sing their praises, prioritize them above even God and tell them exactly what they want to hear..
    If you're not doing all these, they term you as a proud and boring guy...
    So...if you want them to flock around you...
    You must key into the world of pretence...
    Put on your lying tongue...
    Flatter them to pieces...
    Perch around them...
    Sing their names more than music...
    You'll win their heart..
    And you'll also look stupid...

  2. Mmmh Joseph,you are getting wrong,too extreme,pray it wont get to you.

  3. Mmmh Joseph,you are getting wrong,too extreme,pray it wont get to you.

  4. Joseph you have said it all. 'Put on a lying tongue'. Hahahaha.


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