Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Should I Tell Him about my Ex?

Aunty Amara good evening ma.. Am highly favoured to be a member of this family more blessing ma.
A guy is seeking for my hands in marriage over two years now, he keeps coming to my house every December.
I like him quite alright but my fear is that his younger brother was my ex boyfriend.. I dated the guy three years ago when I was doing my Industrial Training but since I left Lagos we don't see anymore we on chat on WhatsApp.
I don't know how to him I dated his younger brother and it's really giving me a lot of fear. I don't just know ma, should I tell my Ex first before telling his elder brother? I don't know how he will feel. Please I need your advice.

You sound like you are in love with your ex much more than you are with this man who is seeking for your hands in marriage.
Instead of agreeing to marry the elder brother and end up sleeping with his younger brother for any reason, kindly avoid both of them and ask God for your own husband.
You are in a relationship with the elder brother so why should you think of telling the younger one first before letting your partner know the truth?
Please talk to your partner and let him know that you dated his brother. Whatever be his reaction is better than him hearing the information from his own brother.
Please do not let your desire to get married push you into lying on your partner or putting yourself in a bondage that you will regret later on in life.

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