Sunday, January 10, 2016

Should I Terminate This Pregnancy?

Good day ma,am married with two girls. I just noticed that am pregnant with my third. I told my hubby and he said he is not responsible that I should leave his house.
This has been his language since my first issue. I have demanded for us to do DNA but he refused. He abuses me both verbally and physically though the physical has stopped after I took him to human rights. He goes about telling people that he does not trust me,that am a harlot but God knows I am faithful to the marriage.
I do pay our kid's school fees and take care of some bills at home but he is never okay. If i go to work,its a problem,when I stay at home,serious problem. I don't know whether to terminate this pregnancy or leave it. His family are so good to me that they never stood by him each time he starts his problems. Am just confused,please help me.

Unless you and your husband were on family planning or were not expecting a baby and you both agreed on that or for the sake of your health and safety that is talking about ectopic pregnancy or the likes, please never you consider aborting your baby as an option.
Not every man with a penis is prepared for the responsibility that comes with the fruits of his sexual fulfilment even though he's married.
I feel that he may be reacting to taking the responsibilities for his growing family and this makes him to react in a negative manner whenever he hears the news of your pregnancy.
Please do not pay attention to all he's saying to hurt your emotions or make you feel frustrated. If he genuinely have any questions about your fidelity, he can present them than talk carelessly to torture you emotionally.
If there are friendships that you keep which he's not comfortable with, kindly minimise them and respect his emotions but please in all your endeavours, try to be as transparent, honest, sincere and truthful to him just for posterity sake and continue to pray for him.
What he's experiencing maybe as a result of his own fears, responsibilities, frustrations and regrets. But whatever it maybe, always pray that God will give him the peace which passes all understanding and a heart of love to love you and your children.
Do not give up supporting your family in any way God has given you the privilege to. Do not also consider quitting your job because of his attitude because it may affect your children and your marriage.

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