Sunday, January 10, 2016

I'm so Hurt and Confused!

Good evening aunty Amara and happy new year, I have been a follower of yours for quite sometime now but I have a problem.
I will be 30 in Feb and he will be 35 in Feb too..l am in a long distance relationships for almost two years now with this Igbo guy even with the distance, we still try to communicate everyday we talk everyday on phone and video chat everyday. He cares about me so much, I was supposed to travel back home last year but due to my documents and school I couldn't go because my documents and passport was almost expired thinking I could renew it with no time but then something happened they told me I could only renew my paper if my passport was still valid for at least a year but I didn't know this before. I was thinking since my passport was still valid that I could renew my papers and travel to Nigeria before it expires but things didn't work that way before I could renew both my passport and paper it was already November He ask me to come but I was still schooling and my school end in December so we postponed everything to February this year he said he understands that he can wait for me but something happened on new year day.
I was going through internet when I saw his pictures with another lady I called him to let him know what I saw he was trying to deny it until I told him I have prove then he said it was all my fault that he has feeling and he is a man that I promised to come but disappointed him and I refused to do phone sex with him that all those made him do what he did..
Right now am so hurt and I have already purchased my ticket.. He said he still loves me that am still his girlfriend but I should try to understand him.. Am so hurt right now and don't know what to do. I have prayed and still praying for God to direct me to the right path I love him so much and I know he loves me too but with what happened now I don't know what to do anymore..
Thank you so much Aunty God bless you and your household.

Any man who tries for any reason to justify himself for cheating on you or tries to trade blames as a result of his infidelity is actually an unrepentant Casanova and a chronic womaniser who will always find reasons to return to the skirts(your breast was sagging, your vagina was too tight or loose, there are so much wrinkles, you have stretch marks and the list goes on).
A responsible man will accept the responsibility for his error and first apologise for his attitude, next he could talk about how he could be assisted but not to thread the path of self righteousness by trying to make you feel low about yourself.
So while you were not around, was sleeping around the best way to be a man? What of being faithful to you and being patient till February as he agreed with you or are there those who have the licence to cheat more than others?
Forgive him but whether you wish to return back to him is solely dependent on you and how much you are willing to endure or tolerate or manage should you decide to continue with him.
But always remember that a man who lies, and cheats can never be trusted.

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  1. One thing has been bothering me for so long...

    The way people claim to be madly in love with people they meet online drives me to wonder...
    How can you claim you love someone you do not know and have not met? it possible?
    Someone should help me...
    I'm confused..
    You don see am na...
    He said he still loves you but he's having a temporary good time with another...
    When you get to travel over, you'll then substitue her you hear..
    Just warm up...
    Since you claim you're so much in love with him..
    Better walk out and stop daydreaming...
    Before something do you..


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