Sunday, January 10, 2016

How Can I Live with a Quick Tempered Man!

Mum God richly bless you for the good work you are doing in the life of many. Mum please I need your help my problem is how can I live with a quick tempered man, he is God fearing and faithful to me but his temper is too much to control. It's one year since we dated and am hoping he change but still it's not getting any better.
He knows his problem and want to change but how to is the problem. He gets angry over everything and finds it difficult to let go and will not talk to you for days. What do I do mum I have tried to cope with it but is too much. What do I do please?

Individuals with hot temper or quick temper are usually the perfectionist, they don't believe in forgiveness but in revenge.
They have a very short patience span and most times react before realising their own weaknesses.
If anyone wishes to live with a quick temper individual, he or she must have an overdose of patience, tolerance, endurance and understanding.
He or she must have a very generous heart filled with God's love and willing to let go of so many things and venoms that he may vomit on a daily basis because if he's not violent, then know that his mouth will be terribly sour.
The only thing that can change him or her is yielding to the Holy Spirit and daily meditating on God's words because without the work of grace in the life of such an individual, there is no way such an individual may overcome his or her weaknesses.
So as an individual, should you decide to live with him, you must never challenge him in anything, if he's talking, whether he's right or wrong, kindly listen and say nothing. When you are discussing with him and his temper rises, kindly quit the discussion, apologise immediately and let that be the end of such discussion. If he decides to say hurting things against you, do not reply to him but kindly ignore him because responding to him will trigger more anger and that will lead to more disagreement.
Allow him to make all the mistakes and then teach him without letting him know that he made a mistake because as perfectionist, he will always defend himself.
It can be challenging living with such an individual but if you understand him, you may find your way around him and win him by the things he loves so much.
Pray, pray and pray for him and get materials that will be helpful for him and will enhance his personality.
But if you cannot cope with his personality, please do not pretend as though you have all it takes help him.

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