Monday, January 4, 2016

The Implications of Consulting from a Spiritualist!

Good day, please what's your take on a man who visits spiritualist to find out about his wife then he decides to use what was told him against his wife. You can post the questions to be public.

Any man who visits the spiritualist is destroying the foundation of the marriage institution. The only spiritualist that both husband and wife has access to is God almighty the creator of the universe
Any other medium of spiritual consultation is invoking the spirit of darkness and destruction into the marital institution.
It's a sign that he has no personal relationship with God and has no convictions in God that he could pray and receive answers from him.
He's very porous and can be manipulated easily and can also be deceived to believe anything.
It's consequences can be grave if the wife doesn't rise up on the alter of prayers and seek the face of God in her marriage.
And because spiritualists explore charms and consults medium, it could have a negative impact on both the wife and children and this is why knowing the spiritual foundation of your partner before getting married to him or her is not only important but it's a very very sensitive, serious and a critical aspect of a relationship that should never be played with.
For you the wife, your role will be to intercede for your family and destroy every manipulations of the spiritualists over the life of your husband and your children. And you must do this consistently and continuously with praises and fasting because it's not an ordinary battle and it takes only the grace of God for the wife to overcome and enthrone God's righteousness in your home.
Confronting him may not yield an effective results as prayers would but you must be very sensitive in the spiritual realm to know what to do at every point in your marriage.

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