Monday, January 4, 2016

Who Should be my Wife?

Please Ma! I want to share my feelings and thought here.
Am a guy of 33 /34 years now, graduate for that matter. There are these three girls that are in my list for fianceship or relationship. Two are from my town but there is this one that is not from my town but from the same L.G.A.
I met her in 2014 when I had a surgery. we haven't met then so after my surgery she came and visited me, even when I loose the stitches she came. So we started dating even the two girls friends from my town did not show concern for me then ,one of them is a nurse whose I showed my ultrasound result about the surgery, she urged me to go and do it( surgery) without hesitation and whenever am about to do it I should contact her which I did.
But up till now ma, we have not seen anyone eyeball contact except on phone. While on the same state so I text her and told her my interest of her been my fiancé and future wife. She said i did not tell her before which I did. But her reply was not encouraging .
So ma , this one that was not from my own town but the same L.G., we dated and was hoping to be engaged by God grace.
But the problem now is that we're not financially okay. Imagine a graduate since 2009 can't work or receive a salary of N20, 000 while I said am working since then ma.
So ma, to cut the story short my elderly sister did not like her, the one i.e not from my town. She said ,she is possessed ,the girl loves me the call and we suspend and quit anything that concerns sex now and too we are not in the same place for now.
But ma, among these three categories of girls which one do you think is my fiancée and future wife?

I struggled with your mail but thankfully I was able to get the main point of your mail. Maybe you should consider taking some English lessons in order to improve your writing skills.
I hope that you are totally healed and made whole. Thank God for safe and successful surgery. 
From your mail, you look like a man who have no idea what he want in a lady and who will give him peace of mind and help him succeed in life. 
And I think that you should sit down and meditate on the things you are looking out for in a lady and in who you want to spend the rest of your life with so that you don't end up with a partner that will destroy all you have laboured for. 
Marriage is not what you do to compensate anybody whether the person be your siblings or your relatives or your friends. It is about you and it entirely up to you and God so be very sure and careful not to allow the opinions of others make you to make a mess of your marriage. 
If your sister feels that your partner is possessed, the next question is who possessed her, was she the person or she knew the person? What was she possessed of? And for what purpose was she possessed? 
From all that you narrated, the only person who has some considerations and respect for you and is willing to stand by you is the one who isn't from your town but whether she is the one that qualifies as your future wife depends solely on what you are looking for and what you are convinced about. 
Instead of working in a firm where you cannot boast of N20,000, I would encourage you to go into transportation job like the tricycle, or a taxi commuters or you may consider learning some skills that will make you independent of others and also give you more returns. I will also encourage you not to neglect agriculture because there are greater opportunities and reward that you can gain from agriculture. 
In all, please seek the face of God, be convinced before you consider anyone for a relationship or marriage. 

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