Saturday, February 20, 2016

Did I Married a Gay?

Good day ma, God bless you for your good work, please am seriously confused right now, I just got married last December and my husband stays abroad. I was just going through some of his document in the house when I found a marriage certificate of my husband which took place in 2009, he got married not even to a white woman but to a white man, saw the pictures and I was shocked, couldn't believe my eyes.
This is a strong Christian guy here in Nigeria, from a strong Christian family, the mum and dad deacons, himself, youth leader. He didn't even touch me until after the wedding in December last year. Though I noticed some gay traits in him I just ignored it cos I thought he is too rooted in Christ for that. He's friends with most of these American celebrities that are gay, you see them in pictures together, and when I asked him why making friends with gays, he said it doesn't matter that he knows who he was in Christ Jesus. Though he has moved out of that country since, I don't know the state of that marriage right now.
Before we got married, I and my family specifically asked him if there was any previous marriage whatsoever, that I wouldn't go if any and he denied it along with his family. He has gone back to abroad processing my papers to join him there and am already one month and two weeks pregnant. I don't want to have anything to do with that kind of sin. I fear for the wrath of God, and I also fear my child will wake up to be gay.
I don't know what to do anymore, thought of divorcing him and aborting the child so I can get rid of everything about him. I haven't even told anybody in my family or his. Please help me. Thanks.

Sexual orientation is not transferred to new born so I don't see the reason why you should abort an innocent child because his dad chose what he felt was his best sexual orientation. 
Your marriage was contracted under faulty foundation of deception and manipulation by your husband and if you feel that getting a divorce is the best for you at this point in your life, then you can consider the option. 
However I would suggest that you discuss what you found with him to find out more about the marital status and if perhaps he has repented from such a lifestyle. It is possible that he may have divorced himself from the marriage before getting married to you, it's also possible that he has repented from his gay lifestyle but what you may not take away from what you saw was the fact that he was once a gay and married as a gay too. 
Whether you wish to call him and discuss this with him or you choose to wait until the papers are ready for you to meet with him and discuss this with him and possibly involve his family is also your decision to make. 
In all you need to get hold of yourself and remember that it was by the grace of God that you discovered this secret about his personality. It is also advisable for you to carry out blood test to be sure that were not infected with any sexually transmitted diseases and infections during sexual intercourse with him. 
I don't want to talk about the obvious signs that you chose to ignore because he was living abroad but maybe you would learn not to rush into making a lifetime decision ignoring some of the danger signals in your relationship. 
Your baby deserves to live and his life is in God's hands so please even if you wish to let go of the marriage, do not destroy the life of the innocent baby. 


  1. Nne,na wao.... So,abortion is not a serious sin as homosexuality?


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  2. I am definite u did not give urself sometime to study this husband of to have an abortion is not a sin?
    Yield to Amara's advice and let that child be

  3. I am definite u did not give urself sometime to study this husband of to have an abortion is not a sin?
    Yield to Amara's advice and let that child be


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