Saturday, February 20, 2016

Don't Want Sex in the Relationship Anymore!

Good evening ma.. Thanks for your advice on people's relationships,....
I will be 23 years by August and about sitting for Jamb,dating a guy of 24 years.. I love him so much and I know he loves me too..
The problem now is that I'm having a twisted mind concerning him.. We are six months in the relationship but since three weeks now,he does not call as usual and when I asked him,he told me he had no money to recharge his phone.. I started sending him credit and after some days,I called and gave him some money to know if what he told me was the problem but he continued doing that..
This night, I called him and told him that our communication in this relationship was too poor and I was not comfortable with it,but all he could tell me was that am getting him angry and hung up the call on me.. Mum,please advice me because I have not been myself and he is the only man I know.
And again,I always have nightmares anytime he makes love to me. Although my mind was against me when I decided to do it the first time and am now regretting it,because the Holy spirit in me left me immediately and now am battling and praying to have it back..
Please ma,how do I tell him that I don't want sex in the relationship anymore ?.

The main reason and purpose for the relationship was sex. He may not have told you that but from his attitude towards you, you can tell that he has nothing to add in your life but to have sex and afterwards forget about you.
I doubt if this is what you need in a relationship or in a man. He knows that you love him and he's exploiting you, collecting your money for airtime while he spends the same money on another girl and then he comes for sex thereby leaving you completely empty financially and emotionally.
I feel that what you need most is your education and your sanity. 
I will suggest that you bid him goodbye not because he hung up on you but because he's not in love with you nor does he have anything positive and beneficial to add to your life.
When a man loves you and is genuinely interested in you and in helping you become a better lady, he will not wait for your money to call you and he will encourage you to give your best in your studies so that you can gain admission to study the course of your choice.
Go back to God, ask for forgiveness, rededicate yourself and allow him to give you a relationship that will not add any sorrows or pains into your life.

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  1. dear poster...listen to what Amara is saying. i was once in your shoes. I felt bad anytime i commited fornication. I had to leave the relationship. It will be hard but it's worth it


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