Friday, February 12, 2016

Everyone Hates Me!

Good evening sister Amara. God continue to bless you richly for selfless work you do here. Here is my story.
Am a very beautiful lady in my late twenties married and blessed with four beautiful kids. But since I was born, I passed through hatred in the hands of people, I mean everyone,that no matter how hard and the sacrifice I made to please people,I end up not pleasing them and getting bad names in return.
My husband is the man I kept my dignity for (he disvirgined me),but he has been treating me so bad,listening to his family and beating me up at all times. And this is a man I have stood with, even in difficulty because we are passing through a lot of financial difficulties.
My family on the other hand doesn't love me as other of my siblings. Am always on my own,don't associate with people,I can be indoor for one month or more,so that no one will say I offended him or her. I have a good heart(truly I know I do)very selfless and helping the needy when I have. I just feel that this world isn't fair.
Am passing through a lot of injustice,unfairness,hatred and name it. Am a lady that loves God and strive to do his will, but a times all these happenings in my life weakens me and gets me confused and discouraged and won't be able to pray,eat or do anything. I love and wish people well but I get the reverse in return,which is why it pains me a lot.
Let me say I have the gift of vision because before some things happen,it must be shown to me. Ma, please ,talk to me,I don't understand all this crisis and hatred am passing through.
please talk and advice before I die in the hands of bitterness,pains,sorrows,tears. God even blessed me with twins. I await to read from you,thanks.

I can truly attest to the fact that you are very very beautiful and a gorgeous lady blessed and highly favoured of God. When I look at you, I have many reasons to say that the world is beautiful because your children are as pretty as you especially your twins but what hurts my heart more is the fact that you don't love yourself. 
You seem to have this inner craving to please everyone around you that you forgot that you owe yourself a great deal of love. You see no matter what you do, or do not do, no matter what you say or did not give, human beings will always be ungrateful and unfair to you. It takes the grace of God for a very fraction of these individuals to be grateful and appreciate your efforts and personality but why live in the public eyes when you can live in God's eyes and love yourself crazily? 
What Jesus Christ encouraged us to do was to be at peace with everyone and never to please anyone. Jesus Christ never pleased anyone else except his father and he said, I have come to do the will of my father and not my own will. Let this be your drive in all you do and please pay no attention to the negative vibes and opinions of anyone whoever or however they maybe. 
And one of the ways to start loving yourself is by refusing to accept physical abuse from your husband. Let him know that you cannot tolerate and endure any form of physical abuse just because you are married to him. It very insensitive and unfair and unfortunate for your own husband to beat you and you cry in the arms of the man who vowed to protect and love you. Even if the world hated you, your husband is the last person to be on that list. 
Let him know that it is evil in the sight of God and men. It is even humiliating that he's consulting his family over the issues of his family but to add physical abuse to it is the height of wickedness. There ought to be misunderstandings, disagreement and differences between partners but using physical abuse to resolve them shows that the maturity level is very very poor. 
If there are areas that you need to improve on, kindly work on those but do not let anyone or anything make you feel less loved by God and don't let those lovely children of yours feel bad because of your moody feelings. I can bet that those children truly love you and I pray that God will make them more beautiful in all their endeavours. 
Pray for your family and pray for your husband more, encourage him whenever you can and support him in your own little way. Forget about those who don't love you and forgive those who feel that you don't deserve to be appreciated or cherished, this is the season for self love and self confidence,  and self appreciation and self beautification, so no need wasting time looking for those who hate you when you haven't addressed the most important person who hates you that's always staring at you in your mirror.
Nurture your gift with the word of God, spend quality time in worship and praises and always set your heart on the things that are positive, motivational, inspirational and helpful. If it has no benefit to your personality, kindly discard it and do not forget that God's promises in his word isn't for your pastor's but solely for you and your household. 
His grace is sufficient for you even in challenging moments of your marriage so do not give up or lose hope, if it's convenient for you to start up a business, kindly do that so that you can support your family and help your husband. 
It's well with you and your family family and before I forget, I love you so very much and God loves you so so so much.

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