Monday, February 1, 2016

He Has a Watery Sperm!

Good morning ma,remain blessed!
Please ma, my fiancé who has already fixed our wedding date soon for the first time we had foreplay, I noticed he has a watery sperm.
Please ma, I need your advice on this. Can he father a child? Please ma, I truly love him and would want a solution to this before our wedding in few months time.
I'm really scared... Thank you and remain blessed for your good job.

You cannot detect a healthy sperm by mere looking or touching the sperm of a man. Most times what men releases is seminal fluid or simply put semen.
This is the fluid that is carries the spermatozoa cells and are discharged into the vagina during sexual intercourse.
The semen is produced in the prostate which is unique to men and this semen mixes with the sperm before they're released. So for the fact that you saw a watery or whitish discharge from your partner doesn't mean that he has a watery sperm.
I needed to do the explanation so that you don't crucify your partner before time. All you need to do is simply visit the hospital with your fiancé and go for sperm analysis to ascertain whether he has a motile sperm and a healthy sperm count that you need to conceive. Also you will need to examine your vagina and do a swab analysis to ascertain the state of your vagina, and your womb.
I don't think that you should be paralysed with worries but be positive and be focused trusting God to perfect all that concerns you.

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