Wednesday, February 17, 2016

His Behaviour Troubles my Heart!

Aunty Amara good day ,I appreciate you so much,I have been having this issues for a while now.
I love my fiancée and he loves me too,he has been faithful to me,same with me,but I noticed lately he doesn't care how I feel and he talks to me as if am a child,which is one of the things I hate in my life,he doesn't border if am angry about it or not,to him he is right and doesn't see any bad in it or to apologise. He has been doing this severally without any remorse,he stopped been romantic he used to be,he wants me to always stay with him,he is jealous to a fault to the extent that I can't go to my house to stay like a single girl. Whenever he upsets me and I decide to pick few of my cloth that has been in his house to leave,he will say if I leave that's the end of it that he will never call me again cos he didn't ask me to go.
Each time I go back to my house he thinks I went to meet other guys out there,and it will result another issues,his cousin came last weekend and told me that her brother is too jealous that I should manage it,am not really comfortable with this act,am a girl that always like saying am sorry but when I don't get it from another person I feel so bad and think as if am nothing to the person,my family knows about him and his family have met me except his mum,am yet to meet his mum once she is back from her trip.
A man of God told me he is not my husband but he didn't finish his statement,then a woman of God told me the same thing that he won't marry me,then another woman of God said he is my husband and encouraged me to go on,but to be prayerful that forces are fighting against my marriage. Aunty am confused about the whole thing, I love him so much and we have already planned how our future will be. April will be one year of our relationship,my girlfriend advised me to follow my heart that I should forget the prophesies cos it has really fucked her up. Aunty tell me what to do cos his behavior lately is making me think he is not my husband,sorry for the long writing.

From all you have written, there is no other evidence that you need to terminate the relationship with him unless you have clearly heard from God himself and not prayer and prophesy contractors to continue with the relationship.
One of the most important thing you must get right whenever you consider a partner is your convictions and your conscience. Are you really convinced and comfortable with such a partner?
Do you have an inner peace of mind whenever you are with such an individual and are you happy with him?
Does he add to your personality spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and physically.
Have you sought the face of God concerning the partner and the relationship and you are willing to invest your all to see the relationship or marriage succeed?
The moment he stopped communicating with you and started talking to you, giving you instructions, commands, orders and intimidation, it was the best time for you to consider whether getting married to him was in your best decision.
Pastors, priests, prophets, parents, friends and even enemies will give you their opinions about your choice of partner but you are the only one who will live to bear the consequences of your decision.
In all, your peace of mind and your happiness in marriage is priceless and who you wish to settle with determines whether you will enjoy your marriage or you will endure it for the rest of your life.


  1. Living with an over jealous person is like slavery. If he doesn't change, I'll advice you to walk away. He can make your life a living hell. Be careful


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