Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Caught Him Pants Down with Another Lady!

Good evening ma, thanks for your wonderful work and saving relationship,may God continue to reward you.
I am 23 years old and currently doing my youth service,I had a wonderful relationship for two years now,he came and did my introduction last December and we planned for my bride price to be paid after service.
Last week I decided to pay him a surprise visit and since I had the key to his apartment I let myself in only to find my fiancé pants down with another lady, she was tying my wrapper I demanded an explanation but was not given, so I left his house.
The next day I travelled back to my place of service heart broken, he never called me back for four days, I cried, could not eat or sleep, I confided in my friend who called him. Later that night he called and said he was sorry the reason he hasn't called was because he knew I was angry that I should forgive and take him back, I decided within me to accept his apology and give him a second chance cos I sincerely love him.
But the problem is that he no longer calls me like he used to and I have not seen a sincere repentance in him,I am really heart broken, I don't know if I should continue with the relationship or I should let him go, please I need your help cos I am hurting.

Now imagine that you were already married to him, please how would you have coped with such an attitude?
You said that you love him so much but in all sincerity can you manage a cheating husband? Can you grow in love with an unfaithful man who sleeps with girls as he wishes?
This was God's way of opening your eyes to his secret lifestyle but if you feel that it's not enough reason for you to reconsider the relationship, then please go ahead and pray that God will perfect all that concerns you and your partner.
But a man who messed up and still waited to be called before he apologised and then stopped working on strengthening the relationship may no longer be interested in the relationship as he was in the beginning.
The decision is yours same is the consequences also.


  1. This is the problem with some of you, you have just discovered that your husband to be is a cheat instead of you to pick your pieces and move on with your life, you're here talking about giving him a second chance, after giving him the second chance, he still has not even changed...Tomorrow same you will come crying again that you gave your husband a second chance after he cheated on you while dating him, but since you got married to him, the cheating has continued, why can't some of you women learn from other's experience, no matter how painful a relationship break up is, it is better than a broken marriage...Not everyone deserves a second chance, so move on with your life and save yourself from future marital woes. #enoughsaid

  2. First, kneel down, call God all the wonderful names you know and thank him for dis great revelation he gave u of the man u want to marry then my dear sister don't just end the relationship but delete it both from ur mind and heart. Do a clean sweep and simply say good ridiance to bad rubbish. Dump d guys ass like a bad habbit cos he'll only cause you greater pain in future.

  3. I had similar experience when I was in school funny enough before then he told me the lady in question is his sister but I not only caught him but the did happened in my presence and I dumped him like an old dirty rag he pls do same


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