Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Will I Find a Man for Me?

Good evening ma, please I really need your help about my life nothing is working for me my relationship no one is working am really sick about everything and loneliness is also killing me....
I left my ex because he is always using me as pounding bag but he says he loves me so much, he beat me at every little thing that was why I left him and now am all alone nobody to call my own.
Another thing is that I get angry easily, I don't know maybe that was why I don't have friends. Today I have a friend tomorrow we fight, it all started when my best friend slept with my boyfriend. From that day I believed any girl that comes close to me will hurt me.
It's really hurting me ma, I don't know what to do ma... Now I don't have anybody to talk to me, I feel am all alone I don't know if I will ever find a man that will treat me like a real queen....
Thank you for listening to me please am waiting for your advice.

The bumps and the potholes on the road may slow down our movement but it's up to us to either drive ahead of them or allow them to keep us on the spot. Life may not offer you you wish for but may provide you with opportunities to develop yourself and prepare yourself for your husband and the man who will soothe your heart and make you feel happy in life. 
There's no need feeling negative when you can choose to forgive your ex and your friend and decide to do good irrespective of the negative circumstances and challenges that life may have thrown at you. 
Good to note that you desire to be treated like a real queen by a king who loves you beyond description. But are you grooming yourself to become a real queen who deserves to be appreciated by a king? 
Do you take your time to build yourself spiritually by studying the word of God, giving yourself to serving others, reaching out to those in need and helping others become better than when you met them? 
Do you invest your time in engaging in industrious ventures, skill acquisitions, vocational programmes and any other legitimate venture that will enable you to be independent of others and be a blessing to others? 
What have you done to improve on your attitude to yourself and to others and how much do you invest in understanding your personality and improving on your attitude so that you can be a blessing to those around you? 
Queens are different from other ladies, you don't see the colour of their panties nor will you see them fighting over a man. They know who they are and what they need in life and they do not wake up and sleep in their room alone. 
They don't need a man to be happy because their life is a blessing to those around her. 
She's graceful, humble and industrious, she has ideas and suggestions that will strengthen what is week and bring solutions to challenges. 
When she's offended, she doesn't hide her feelings but she will express herself and forgive those who hurt her and will never accept mediocrity as an alternative.
She hides under God's grace and surrenders her all to him because she believes that in him, she will receive a man who will love her like He loves her heavenly father. 
Now is the best time to cheer up and make your life count for something positive. Now is the time to work on your weaknesses and manage your tongue whenever you are angry or provoked. Now is the time to look ahead of you and let go of the past unpleasant challenges of your past and trust God for your own husband. To every queen, there is a king God has prepared for her, all she needs to do is prepare herself and patiently wait for her king. 

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