Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I'm Broken, What Do I Do?

Good evening aunty Amara, please help me with an advice. Am broken hearted and shattered. The man that was in my life lied to me about his family and the relationship he kept. I met him when I was on my industrial training in 2012. He started asking me out which I turned down. As at march 2015 last year he called me and was still making his proposal still I turned it down. He kept asking me out till November last year when I had to tell him he has to come to my house and see my mum before I consider.
He later came to the house, a week later I went to know where here stays. Two weeks later he lost his dad. I was there for him all through, to the extent I got pregnant in the process. He gave me contraceptive right after the act that day yet pregnancy occurred. He made me to understand why we can't keep the baby as the time was not right cos it was about two weeks old. I agreed and he said we'll have to terminate it which we did.
On the day of his Dad's burial last month I saw him cuddling a girl at night which I saw the girl was same girl he told me was his ex and that she was engaged to be married to someone else. I got furious with him that I became apologetic and told me the girl was telling him she wanted to get back with him. And he told me he could never have anything to do with the girl as his late father never approved of both of them and that he loves me with his life. I forgave him and we moved on.
Only for him to tell me he'll be travelling out of town last weekend which unknown to me were blatant lies cos I saw him the same day he told me he has reached where he was travelling to.
He called me that evening that I was so unhappy that I had to ask him where he was only for him to ask me if I was spying on him. After much argument he accepted he was in town, that the thing was that he's under a family pressure to get married and that his family did not approve me cos am from another state outside his NB: Same tribe(Igbo). That they wanted him to get married to the girl he told me was engaged to another man since they're both from same village. Meanwhile this is the same girl he told me he'll never have anything to do with. He told me to keep praying so that his family will accept me and that I should also know that he cannot go against his family to marry me.
I saw the picture he posted on Instagram of himself and the girl and she has same ring on. Please help me, what do I do? Am really broken and he hasn't called since the girl arrived.

Cheer up and be strong, men can tell you lies, deceive you and manipulate you emotionally but the good news is that God is ever faithful to reward each individual according to their deed. 
To him, he's trying to play smart, to impress you that his family were against you. He slept with you and at the same time forced you to abort your baby but don't worry, that's not the end of your life and your future. 
There is no need praying and hoping for what will never be, the truth is, he is engaged to the other lady and is only using you to catch fun when the girl is not around. 
Under no circumstances or reasons should you consider abortion even if the world is coming to an end because the moment you abort your baby, you become a murderer of your own blessings. Please ask God to forgive you and trust him for your own husband. 
Forgive your partner and wish him well because holding onto him will be setting yourself up for disappointment and regrets. God is still faithful to favor you even when others make mockery of your personality.


  1. pls dear try and reconnect with God and try and move on he is deceiving u. don't waste ur time with u, he has told u what u needed to know.

  2. Well you learnt bitterly. I really don't know why girls open their vagina wide open for a total stranger regardless of his intention. Pls stay away from him and forgive him and ask God to forgive you. It is evident he used you and dumped like a pack of Cadbury chocolate. Love yourself and move on.

  3. Just wish him well and go on with your's sad that most girls don't learn from others experience. So sure that other girls after reading your experience will still fall victim tomorrow


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