Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How Do I Tell my Parents about Him?

Ma accept my condolence on the departure of your dad. Ma please I have something serious bothering me, when I was small I always told my parents that I will marry a graduate even while in school I and my friends always say our husband must be a graduate now that I have graduated.
I saw myself falling in love with someone that was not a graduate, his spellings at times aren't correct but love covereth all things but now my major concern is that he is asking for my hands in marriage and how do I go about to tell my parents that my fiance isn't a graduate cos my father and mum always brags that none of their daughters will marry someone that is not a graduate and please can I ask him to enroll himself in an English class to broaden his English and to learn to spell well?
Can I talk to him about this or will it sound embarrassing to him? He is the type that takes correction and he doesn't feel big. He loves me so much and understands me and I love him too. This is the only man that can make me laugh when I am sad and he treats me like a queen.
I really need your advice ma on what to do to be more proud of my man.

The language of love that I know of is not English language, it's not French, it's not Italian, nor will be Spanish or any other language that is known to the world but the only language of love is HAPPINESS! 
When Pharell Williams sang Happy, it was as though the world was let loose and everyone was dancing along, singing along and clapping along. 
This is the the greatest language of all times and ages and the funny thing was that our grand and great grand parents had no idea what education was but they were successful in all they did including marriage even with their limited information. 
A man who treats you like a queen, makes you feel happy, peaceful and fulfilled deserves to be appreciated much more than you did. 
Yes you wanted to marry a graduate but God brought a man with a golden heart filled with love. First of all, celebrate him with reckless abandon and let him know that you are proud of him. What your parents feel about his level of education is as good as their opinions because your happiness is priceless and is beyond acquiring a certificate in life. 
Find out why he couldn't go to school and what his struggles was like, and then suggest if he would love to consider enrolling for an adult education later in life, his response will determine what next to do depending on his schedule in life. 
If he doesn't have much time to enroll for an adult education class, then you may consider being his teacher and his Queen. 
Devote your heart to lovingly teach him and patiently watch him improve in his writing and expression skills. He doesn't need English language to hug you and kiss you so it's not a crime yet. 
While education gives you more advantage to spot opportunities and give you more access to information and knowledge, it is never a guarantee that a marriage will be successful nor does it mean that an educated man may perform better than the less educated person. 
But please forget about the single sister's gist because in life and in marriage, God gives you raw materials and equips you with the capacity to refine it into a finished product. 
Now you have a man who makes your world colourful, will you allow certificate rob you of your happiness and fulfilment in life? 
If he has a personal relationship with God, he is responsible industrious and emotionally prepared to grow in love with you, if he is selfless and is willing to give you his best no matter how little it maybe, if he's willing to allow you to grow and help him become a better man, then his poor English skills can be worked out with love, patience and understanding. 
The decision is yours, degree is good, but what you need in life is more than what certificate can offer but a man who will help you become a better lady irrespective of how he communicates his feelings to you. 
When you are so happy talking about your partner in a manner that will leave your parents dumbfounded, they will have no option but to meet with him. You don't go to your parents feeling like you made a mistake when you accepted his proposal because the way and the manner you present your partner will determine to a greater extent how happy your parents will be and if God is involved in this, even the blind will see and the deaf will know that you are simply happy and comfortable with your decision. 
I mean, your parents want you to be happy with your decision so do not allow anyone else make you feel inferior by the man God has blessed you with. 


  1. True Talk, please I will advise u to as she has said... I had the same issues with my Man, though we are planning our marriage, I encourage him to go for adult education which he did, every weekend when I visit him, I go through his note book and I can see changes.. Am so proud of him now....

  2. Pls support him as best as you can dear. Since you say he is humble and ready to learn, going back to school won't be much of a problem to him. A good uneducated husband is far better than an arrogant unloving handsome and educated man. Take care and be happy.

  3. Pls support him as best as you can dear. Since you say he is humble and ready to learn, going back to school won't be much of a problem to him. A good uneducated husband is far better than an arrogant unloving handsome and educated man. Take care and be happy.


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