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How To Give Him a Mind Blowing Sex!

Good day my amiable mentor, I'm the lady that wrote to you almost two weeks ago about my no interest in sex with my hubby, things have really improved after the great advise you gave to me,coupled with that of your wonderful fans.(My Erection Doesn't Move Her Update)!
I adhered to your guidelines and it worked perfectly,so I thought it wise to let you know of some things I deliberately skipped the last time I wrote to you, I did that because I wasn't ready to let go just yet,I was still hurting,but now I'm healed after encountering you. Now I'm willing to share with you without any reservations,my write up is going to be quite lengthy so pardon me in advance.
What I'm about to tell you is a part of my life I have always been scared to share with anyone. The first incidence happened while I was still in the womb,if you remembered vividly the last time I based my not so keen on sex on the fact that my dad rejected me while I was still in the womb,that's entirely not the case, because come to think of it why should I hate my dad that much for something that happened when I wasn't even born,there was more to my reason for hating him.
On a said day while my hubby and the kids where downstairs watching their cartoon,I decided to go upstairs to have an alone time,while there standing in front of the mirror I told myself this is the moment of truth,this is time to let go,I took a piece of paper and pen, wrote down all my pains and grudges I held against my dad and the pains I have felt in life while growing up, while starring at the list of things I wrote down I couldn't help but cry uncontrollably and the next thing I heard was my hubby asking me to open the door for him to come in, obviously because I was taking too long to come join him and the kids downstairs. I was reluctant at first but later opened and he saw my eyes all soaked with tears,he gave me his body to cry on and told me I'll be fine, then I burnt the paper as you advised me to do. That minute I decided to let my pains all out to my hubby without holding back,after I was done talking,I felt a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulder,after that we prayed together.
Now it's time to share with you too, after my mum went to that abortion specialist who refused to abort me, my mum, grandmum and granddad decided to go pay my dad and his family a visit to settle the issue amicably and make him accept paternity of me,on getting there they met my dad, my dad's mum, my dad's elder sister and my dad's supposed best friend. While the issue was being discussed, my dad in his desperate attempt not to accept responsibility of the pregnancy told everyone present at the meeting that his best friend had sex with my mum, so the pregnancy could be for either one of them, for that reason he isn't accepting the baby. My mum cried out in shock and told everyone present that she has never met the so called best friend before,she said the meeting day was the very first day she was setting eyes on him, then they asked the said best friend if what my dad said was true, he concurred and said he had sex with my mum. My mum's family then suggested that the best friend place his two hands on my mum's pregnancy and swear with the innocent baby in her womb if indeed he had sex with her, the man agreed to swear without considering how strong his accusation was and forgetting that the mouth is powerful, he was asked to pronounce the following on himself
"if he hasn't seen my mum's nakedness before and has never had sex with her but lied against her, he will die before the baby is born, and if reverse is the case he will live long to see his children's children. The man went ahead and swore exactly as he was told, my mum was five months pregnant of me when this happened.
Less than two months before my birth the said best friend died in a ghastly motor accident, he was driving alone in his car when he hit a tree and died on the spot. My dad was too ashamed to break the news to my mum's family, they later found out from my dad's younger sister. My dad later confessed that his elder sister talked him into conniving with his best friend to lie against my mum, but it was already too late as a life has been lost, why cry over spilled milk? I'm still perplexed why he would go to that extent to get rid of me, apparently I meant nothing to him.
The second incidence happened when I was 15 years old, my dad sometimes came to pick me to spend the holidays with him at his family house where his mum and his elder sister resides, the same woman that lured my dad into lieing against my mum. On a said day,my dad's elder sister came back from an outing,she bought lots of gifts to be shared to all the children at home,there were over ten of us, she called everyone and gave them their gifts. I was never called, my sibblings and cousins where starring at me wondering why I was the only one not given any gift. At that point I ran inside the room, locked myself up and cried my life out, all I wanted to do was to kill myself and end it all so the pain I'm feeling will go away.

She hated me with a passion, I was treated like an outcast and made to believe that I was no good, even when I tried to be happy just a little bit she frowns and looks at me from head to toe with a scary look on her face that denotes I don't deserve to be happy. There was a day I and my siblings and cousins where playing outside the house,we were all happy and laughing heartily,she heard me laugh and she came out to instruct everyone to go in except me. I was left outside all alone, all I did was cry feeling rejected,she always made my holidays miserable. She treated me like a slave, starved me of food, all I asked from God was to take my life because I couldn't take the hatred being shown on my face anymore. It was just unbearable, she ensured year in year out that all the holidays I spent with them was a sad one.
What did I do to deserve such ill treatments,did I ask to be born into this world? A lot of questions ran through my mind in all of these, I can go on with a lot of instances of the ill treatments I got from someone who was supposed to be my aunty. She hated me even before I was born for no reason,what broke my heart the more was that my dad knew about all these and did nothing to stop it, he acted blind and kept mute about everything that transpired, that  was why I hated my dad so much,he never showed me fatherly love not even the tiniest bit. I so yearned to be loved by my dad but got nothing, he didn't cater for me financially either,all he did was deposit his sperm in my mother's womb and that was it,he wasn't bothered how I fed, clothed,paid school fees,university fees,health fees etc, so how was I supposed to love such a man? Not that he wasn't financially capable of doing these things he just didn't want to do it.
When the holidays was over I went back to my mother's place, shortly after my return I started having bad dreams, in the dreams I always saw my dad's elder sister trying to hurt me, on a said morning my grandmum called me to her room to tell me of the nightmare she just had that night, she said in the dream she saw my dad's elder sister trying to kill me, I then opened up to my grand mum of my recent dreams about her too, she prayed for me fervently and covered me with the blood of Jesus. That same morning we received a phone call that my dad's elder sister just died in a road accident while traveling to a different state, she left the house very early that morning for something and was supposed to return back home evening of that same day but never returned alive. Ironically there were about eighteen other passengers traveling with her on the same bus when the accident happened and they all came out alive with no injuries at all, even the driver was unhurt.
One thing I know for sure is God truly loves me and has been by me all through, God proved himself to me on countless occasions that He was by me, first by providing for my mum financially to cater for me, my mum gave me the best of life,she bought me a car, whatever I wanted I got, she made sure I never lacked anything. I remembered when I was about entering the university,she gave me a list of the top three private universities and asked me to pick the one I'll love to attend, I asked her how she was going to manage paying the fees considering how expensive it was, she told me with a smile on her face not to worry that God will provide. I did choose one and God provided for my mum to pay for my fees for the duration of my studies without any hassle, I also remembered when my hubby was asking me out, there were two other guys also asking me out then, those two were professing marriage, I had a lot more guys asking me out but these three just stood out, my hubby and the other two guys, I was going to choose one out of the three to date and then marriage as the case may be, these other two guys were from very wealthy homes, one of the guy's dad was a top politician holding a big post then in power, his family was very famous and influential in our state. He promised to buy me a brand new car the moment I say yes to date him and consider his marriage proposal, he had to lure me to go see his parents and his siblings without my consent, we were supposed to go for dinner, on our way to the restaurant he told me he forgot something at home and wanted to go pick it up, that's how I ended up seeing his family, he told me he had to do that to prove to me he was serious and wasn't for games. His family were really nice to me and his mum told me I was the first girl he's bringing home to introduce to them, even though I really liked him he did something that made me have a change of heart. While at his house he showed me bags filled with money, obviously gotten by his father who was in government,on showing me the cash he said I will never lack money once I agree to become his, he kept showing me around his mansion, to be candid I was quite disappointed at his approach to winning me, that just turned me off, he lost me with that singular act of his, my number one turn off is men that shows off there wealth.

Let me find out myself that you are wealthy that way you'll gain my respect, after that day I told him I can't date him neither will I marry him. He was so upset, my friends all thought I was crazy for turning down such a good looking guy with so much wealth and connections,that was their opinion.
I knew exactly what I wanted in a life partner and wasn't going to compromise my happiness for that no matter how tempting his wealth was. Same goes to the second guy his parents where equally wealthy and famous, he was also proud about his wealth and very loud, I told him no too, and then the third guy who happens to be my husband now, his family wasn't as wealthy as the other two families but they were well above average,very comfortable family, but surprisingly my hubby never for once acted like he was from a well to do home, he acted like a regular guy, very down to earth,I got to find out myself his family was comfortable. He didn't say a word nor showed off to me, I just fell in love with his personality, he was my ideal man,he actually thought there was no way I was going to choose him over those two rich guys because he knew them, but he was hopeful and didn't relent.
I did choose him even though he wasn't working then, he was still in his finals in the university, I chose him because I saw a great future with him, his humility swept me off my feet, he was very independent, he didn't depend on his parents cash but worked very hard for his own living and I saw he had the attributes of loving me the way I wanted to be loved, guess what? It turned out exactly how I dreamt it would be, God in His infinite mercy brought my dream man to me tall, dark, handsome, God fearing, loving, caring, understanding, patient, hardworking, romantic, and the list goes on who showered me with excessive love and his wonderful family were the most amazing people I ever met. His mum treats me like she carried me in her womb, his dad treats me like his princess, shows me the fatherly love I never had while growing up, his sisters treats me like I'm there blood, we are best friends, they all showered me with so much love till date.
In all these I kept asking myself how this rejected child happened to get all this love, the rich and famous wanted to get married to me even when they knew I was born out of wedlock, a mistake child who was unwanted from birth, was almost aborted but narrowly escaped death, I thought I wasn't good enough as I was made to believe, but God proved himself in my life, my life as a whole is a definition of God's Grace. When I thought I wasn't loved, God kept proving to me that I was loved beyond measure, He blessed me with four adorable children(a boy,a girl and a set of identical twin boys), my kids brings happiness to my life daily, they show me so much love.
I know God has a special purpose for me on earth for sparing my life on several occasions, that purpose I'm yet to uncover. The minute I burnt that paper I wrote all my pains on,from that minute I was born anew. Ma I want to specially thank you for the role you played in ensuring I made peace with my past and myself, to fully forgive my dad, to move on and never look back, you were sent by God to restore total healing to my life even when all other efforts failed. My mum did all she could to make me forget the unpleasant memories of my childhood by giving me whatever I wanted but it just didn't work, your advise and guidelines did the magic, may God reward you in ways no man can.
From that very day I stopped starving my husband of sex, he's too good a man to be starved of sex and to think that he never cheated on me despite my constant refusal for him to get access to my body, he endured this for over six years of marriage. I asked him few days ago why he never cheated on me even when I denied him sex for so long, this was his exact response
→" I know I needed sex frequently but never got it,your other good qualities overshadowed that weak area of yours so I overlooked the sex denial because no one is born perfect, it's difficult to cheat on a good woman and I love you too much my Jewel to get another woman laid, I wouldn't have forgiven myself if I did that, even though girls kept making advances at me, God saw me through←"
Ma, I broke out in tears as those words were coming out of his mouth, he's such a sweet guy and I'm crazy about him for loving me this much, how could I have starved him of sex for so long, what was I even thinking? and then he said something else that really touched me so deeply, in his exact words
→" My Jewel you should know by now I don't care about the circumstances surrounding your birth,even if you were an orphan I would still love you the same, making you my wife was the best thing that ever happened to me, accept it or not I'm never going to stop loving you"←
Those words just melted my heart, instantly I kissed him so passionately and we made love, the next morning I got breakfast in bed, he made the most delicious breakfast ever, we made love for three consecutive days,that was a big change considering we use to have sex once in two months

My man has been overly happy these days,he has this new excitement in him, he literally wants to do everything for me, he has officially added breakfast in bed every weekend to his list of chores, all he wants me to do is sleep for as long as I want on weekends while he serves me and do all the chores for me, the power of sex,hmmm.
He has now made it a point of duty to take me out once weekly so we can have private time together without the kids and he gets to pamper me while we are alone. Truly my sex life has gradually improved, to be candid I was really worried all these years at my low interest in sex because I wasn't circumcised and for that reason I should naturally have high urge for sex, but mine was just the opposite, all that changed that fateful day I decided to let go of my past, the moment I forgave my dad in all entirety, my heart was free at last, thank you once again my beautiful mentor for making this possible.
Please ma I would need your help on how to give my hubby mind blowing sex, I want to be in control sometimes,so far he's the one giving me great sex, I want to reciprocate and prove to him that I too can give him quality sex, I will need tips to boost my sex life more as am still a work in progress and will love to know the kinda foreplay men likes, I'm open to anything. I truly want to make up for all the years of sex starvation, I know I can count on you on this one. My hubby deserves to be way happier than he already is, at least I owe him that because he puts smiles on my face daily, makes me laugh all the time, he's so good with jokes, more like a comedian, he has wiped away my tears forever and made my life heaven on earth, he deserves the best of me. Thanks ma for your time,God bless you immensely

To God alone be all the glory and honour and praise forever and ever amen. What I encouraged you to do was what I had to do for me to be at peace with God and men. It wasn't easy for me then but I knew that forgiveness was what I needed to live in the light of God's love. 
Your testimony almost made me shade tears because it can only be God who did this for you. I can understand that you have carried this burden ever since you were born but grace and mercy said no that you deserve better than that. 
Thank God who have already made you whole, for you to open up to share your journey on how you met your husband is a testimony that your life is no longer the same anymore. 
Always remember that you are stronger when you forgive, you will conquer the enemy and the world with forgiveness. When you forgive those who have offended you, you release them to God for their reward. 
Today you are more beautiful, gorgeous, happy and fulfilled simply because you chose to burn off those burden that the devil had hung on your chest ever since you discovered your identity. 
Thank you for encouraging me with your testimony, I sang out loud and blessed God for the rare privilege to be used by him. 

So let's talk about sex. You see, sex to men is like a breast milk to babies, perhaps that's why men sometimes behave like babies. They can offer the world to you just to enjoy the v shaped honeypot so get ready for more surprises (hope you closed the door to prevent your hubby from hearing our gist... Just kidding)
Men love it when you make them feel desirable, when you notice his muscular chest, the brave heart of your king, when you tickle his nipples and massage his chest like you are searching for a hidden treasure.
You may wish to offer him an exotic body massage, one that will make him to melt in your arms. 
Kiss him in his ears and let him know that you are forever proud of him, of course your breast is not for babies, trust me, men love them too so recklessly place them close to his mouth but don't cover his nose please. Let him enjoy himself while you appreciate him for who he is. His laps and his testicles sorry tennis balls, you can gently fondle them and let him know that he's got a gorgeous one too. Be tender and gentle but I must warn you, whenever you fondle those two eggplant, there's every tendency that the number of rounds may increase and what that means is that you will be getting an extra offer for your kindness. 
His penis is also a good, tasty and sweet banana, healthy for your heart, if you feel like having a taste of it, it's your world and it's allowed. 
There are some positions that puts you as the boss of your bedroom, consider positions like reverse cowgirl, where he lies down with his back, while you kneel down with your buttocks facing him and your legs apart so that he can enter from behind while you determine how much deeper you want and the angle of elevation. 
Another position that you may enjoy is the reverse missionary style where you are now on top while he's lying with his back, you could choose to kneel forward to him while you thrust as you desire and he will be enjoying your dangling breast as the ministry progresses. 
You may wish to make love while you shower in a standing position, nothing beats the beauty of looking into his eyes as he moans with pleasure of having the best lady in his arms. You may still reach his testicles while he is painting your world with pleasure. 
You can also consider the sitting position where your husband sits in a lotus position while you sit on top of him and give it to him like he has always prayed for. 
Your greatest tool for enjoying sexual intimacy is communication, express yourself, expose yourself to the pleasure and the beauty of lovemaking, be naked and care about nothing else. 
If he want him to go deeper, you can say honey please come into your home, baby your body makes me feel horny, you sure know how to make your girl dance with great satisfaction. 
Feel free to express yourself and try other positions that you feel comfortable and safe with. 
Ask him how he feels after sex and what he may be craving for. Now that you are set to baptise your husband,give it to him in a way that he will never forget to bless you before leaving for work. 
You can serve him hot sex before he leaves for work so that he will always remember that his queen truly cares about his happiness. 
With these tips and many more that you may wish to explore, I'm hopeful that we maybe expecting triplets in no distant future... Lol. 
Remember that sex is not a competition but a joint investment so do not let anything put you under pressure to impress him but take your time and allow him to bring you up to sexual ecstasy where you will look at him and get wet to be with him. 


  1. I read this with so much joy in my so happy for you and your hubby are indeed blessed.he is really a testimony that there are indeed good men out there.

    Anty Amara be saving marriages since 1900.....God bless you ma!!

  2. Is so refreshing reading from you once more(poster).. Your testimony gives hope to the singles and married that one can actually make a troubled marriage to work without both parties acting out wrongly. Instead of being supportive..

  3. Aunty Amara you are just too much. God bless you and may he continue to increase his wisdom in you. For the lady in the post enjoy your marriage like you just got married today and God will sustain your happiness. amen

  4. Am lifted.... God continue to bless your home and give us the single ones the best and right minded spouse.

  5. May God bless you for being there to listen to our problems and help us. That was a touching story.

  6. I read this with so much happiness and joy in me, i have become a better person from your husbands testimony and am so happy about it.
    in addition to Amara's advice, please ask your husband who he wants his sexfast served and u will be amazed at what u will hear, he will confess to u all the things he wants to to do that will make him happy and love u more, indeed sex is a beautiful thing and must be enjoyed to the fullest. enjoy your marriage and God bless you.
    Amara you corrupt sha... but i must confess u are doing an amazing job and i pray for you that the Almighty will continually keep you and increase you in wisdom as you touch lives for good. God bless you.

  7. I pray daily to God that i'd be like your husband @poster or even better when I sign the dotted lines. Wishing you and Mrs Amara a happier home

  8. what a great testimony! i wish you more joy and happiness in your marriage. and i pray that God will bless me with your type of Husband soon , amen!

  9. To God be the glory for this testimony. Aunty Amara, may the oil upon your life never run dry. @poster, please go on and keep enjoying your man and may this testimony multiple in the lives of every marriage that needs it. Amen

  10. this is a testimony, nt like "amara please I need your help, my hubby bla bla bla....".... still smiling over this little piece

  11. Dear poster, I was reading your testimony, and you sure made me go late to the stations of the cross, do you know I was in d church and was waiting for d mass to be over so I could continue reading.. God has blessed you dear poster.. Aunty amara you just thought me new style to give to my hubby( cowgirl ride) I'm so rocking that tonight.. You are a blessing to our generation Aunty amara.. Chukwu gozie gi...

  12. Nice1. Dear Poster your post just kept me busy to see how it ends. Thank Goodness you are happy at last. Aunty Amara more greese to your elbow. God bless. You ma

  13. Kai Amara has killed it o o !!!
    With the tips from u, my hubby is in troubles once he is in town.
    Agam eme ya something...lolz

  14. kudos to you Aunty Amara and Mrs Poster, God bless you abundantly, can't tell how inspired I am, by your testimony and your advises as well. wish I can be able to open up, tell my stories and be free from my burdens as well. God bless you

  15. I can remember vividly when the poster's husband sent his version of events, and people were busy saying "ur wife is cheating on you" and saying all sorts about the lady, I thank God the husband didn't react negatively but instead asked the wife to send her own version of events, and her response was chilling and heart-wrenching,

    We thank God today for this lovely and blessed testimony, God will continue to bless you and the family and further more strengthen ur relationship.

    Just feel like writing more bcos this story warmth my heart and is so inspiring, I pray God also gives me the wisdom and strength to tackle my own marriage issues. Amen.

  16. This story did melt my heart.. I was so carried away wanting too stop reading bcos it was lenghty but cudnt stop. wow. thats so wonderful. Ur type are very rare. ignoring the wealthier;who boost of his riches. How many of our ladies can do that ? Rarely. 2.5%. How I wish and pray I could have a queen like u. I dey jealous o. U did a great job and dont forget all d tips she thought u. we men we do crave for sex more than anything. cos me,i prefer to marry a lady who is good in bed to a lady who is beautiful.. Although both are good. @ Amara, well done there. I almost start pouring. No be my fault o.. I am lonely.

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