Friday, February 19, 2016

How Can I Become an Actress?

Dear,sorry about the death of your father please accept my sympathy,please l have a problem l want to share with you.
l need your advice,l love acting in fact everything about Nollywood gives me JOY,whenever l see those actress that has made it,l feel like being them,but l have gone to that industry is not an easy one, a lot of things are involved, like people who are in the position to help me,demanding for one thing or the other ,then l left.
l have done like few movies,before l stopped,my issue now is that l just finished school looking forward to NYSC and getting a job after that,but each time l thought of this the only thing that comes to my mind is acting and the worst thing is that l can't stay without imagining things
About acting how l could make it, big things that l don't know how they will happen,in fact right now l have started resisting it,once the thought comes,l try to wave it.
Please l need your advice. Thank you.

One thing is to have a passion for something, another thing is the motivation behind it. Most times our passion doesn't seem to project the best in us because of the wrong motivation behind it.
Some of us want fame, some want popularity, some want to make money and some want to conquer the world. These and many more could be the motivation which may destroy the passion or the treasures or the talent inherent in your life.
If your passion is to meet the needs of viewers, if your passion is to share your thoughts in a manner that everyone will be captivated, if your passion not to make money and be famous but to bring a new image in interpretation of roles, then you may need to begin from where you are. Act in your church, school,participate in drama presentations, discover your favourite role and then work on getting the institute or school that train individuals who have passion for acting, script writing, and the likes.
Networking with individuals who are on their way to stardom and with those who share in your passion will also strengthen your passion.
It may not be a sudden flight but with consistency of purpose and your passion to give your best in acting may be what you need to be on the set sometime in your life.
Never condemn your heart for believing in something, but do not delve into it without making adequate planning and personal evaluation of what you need and what you need to invest before you invest your time and resources in your passion

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