Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I Can't Let Him Go!

Good morning Mrs.Van Lare and all AVLites. I really do appreciate your good works and may God bless you richly! First of all, accept my heartfelt condolence concerning your dad's transition to eternal glory. Ma'am, please I need help, am really confused and don't know what else to do. We have been apart for about seven years now, but most times when I remember him I always have this feeling that I left something with him. Presently am 23 and he is 29,we were very much younger when we started dating. I loved him so much then and I still do now, not like I have not had another relationship after him but am out of it for two years now.
It happened that our places of work were very close now but we hardly see. Myself and B never really broke up, there was just a bridge in communication for so long for reasons I can't really tell. We met of recent and talked about us and that was when he opened up to tell me a lot of things I never knew, like he was the one who intentionally caused the bridge in communication cos he couldn't meet my needs as a guy should, though he knew I was never demanding but that there were things a guy should do for his woman without her asking and so many other things which I didn't see to be reasons enough. B.....is an orphan and he has always been catering for himself for God knows how long, his dad died before he was born and the mum died the day he finished his WAEC. He has a girlfriend now which I know, we've talked and I know he still got feelings for me.
Ma, presently have had two dreams and the last was this night, in both dreams I see myself crying when he is getting married or being with another to the extent that I wake up with tears in my eyes. Told him about the first dream but not this second one. In the dreams I always feel like a part of me is gone.
Physically I have accepted that we can't be anymore but my heart and spirit keeps fighting against it. Please ma, I need your help am dying slowly. Thanks.

Dreams sometimes could be out of the things that we gave our thoughts and mind to during the days activities. Like you rightly said, you are in love with him but on his own part, he loves you as his former girlfriend.
In all honesty, hanging your emotions and thoughts on him would be making a terrible mistake because he has already made his choice of partner and have made his decision known to you.
His excuses were at best lame and petty and I will not encourage you to invest your time and emotions distracting the man who is already in a relationship with another lady.
Leave everything in God's hands and allow him to reveal his intentions and purpose for your life.
Even though you are in love with him, choose to move on and keep moving because revealing your soft spot for him will only give him the privilege to exploit you and possibly leave you for the lady he has made up his mind for.
If for any reason, he decides to seek your heart, then you may take the risk if you are single but as it stands today, I will suggest that you stand at the door of your room and wave him goodbye for the very last time from your heart while wishing him well in his relationship.
Appreciate him as your friend, minimise your communication with him and deliberately choose to mind your business and your relationship with God.
God is never going to fail in giving you the desires of your heart and your own husband so hold unto God and not any man.

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