Monday, February 8, 2016

I'm Dying, Save your Brother!

Good evening ma'am, happy for this page,please ma I am confused now. I am 21 years , I don't know which step to follow now I need your advice...
I finished secondary school, I wrote jamb and I applied for Nekede poly.. I wrote the school aptitude text I got 260 out of 300 question...
They were delaying my admission,I was getting tired of it. The last jamb I wrote was making it two times I wrote jamb..and I wanted to do Visual Arts in school but my parents said that the course does not give money, that it is an outdated course.
I have passion for Art, I want to be a great pencil artist and a painter but my parents refused.. God gave me the talent, I was confused about what to do. My admission was being delayed,my parent didn't want me to study visual art so I got tired of everything. I decided to go and serve one of my uncle in Ghana (i.e boy boy). My parents agreed,but before then my parents said if I wouldn't do any other course like engineering ,I will go and serve one of my uncle outside the country, after that I will be settled and start my own business,(I hope you understand what I mean. Igbo people specialises on that) and it happened.
I left for Ghana early last year for it,an agreement was made I was going to serve him for six years and after that I will be settled and start my own business. He deals on car parts(new ones)but ma since I came over here to do this,I have not experienced genuine happiness.. I keep blaming myself for everything..I keep asking myself "is this the purpose of God for My life"?..
Ma for past one week now I am down spiritually. I want to be an artist. I feel a genuine happiness when am drawing, since I entered this business of spare parts to be sincere to you I don't feel joy... I called my pastor and I told him my problem,he said am too young to go and learn trade,that am supposed to be in school now,he promised to talk to my parents.
I want to go back and start school again.. Am not after the money but after my own happiness.. I am not up to one year now in my uncle's house.
Aunty Amara please what should I do?? Do I still have time? Should I endure and continue with this?? I love art, I don't want my dream to die just like that,there was a day I called my father and told him,that I don't want to continue with this,that I want to go to school,he told me, to stay there and focus on what I came for,after that if I want to go to school,I can go. I can't wait after six years, I want to achieve my dream as an artist but they wouldn't allow me••
Sister Amara save your brother I am dying, I am confused,my mates are in school now, I am here doing this•• I want to go back to school please what should I do??? Thank you, God bless you•

I saw your passion for art written all over your mail and I couldn't help but admit that you are in love with arts. Your parents may not understand your passion for arts because they evaluate success by studying professional courses and looking for a white collar jobs or learning a trade and being the boss of your own.
Granted that they may have good intentions for your future, they are crushing the very passion that makes you who you are and you won't blame them because they have no idea how much arts means to you but you can help them understand that by refusing to venture into the business.
Since your pastor have decided to talk to your parents, get as many individuals that can also talk to him and your mum so that they don't push you into making a terrible mess of your passion.
It doesn't matter what they make of your passion, if you are happy and fulfilled with it, if it be legitimate, if it be relevant and if it can provide your daily bread, please not give up on your God given talent.
I personally would suggest that you also explain things to your uncle and prepare yourself to travel back and talk things with your parents while you continue with your pencil artist. Anywhere you find yourself, anytime you have the opportunity  keep drawing and painting your passion, someday the world will celebrate you for believing in your passion.


  1. Talk to ur uncle and kinsman,tell ur parent u into art or noting,then. Prepare to sponsor yourself to school if it comes worst .but all in All. Pray for God guidance

  2. People who have such talent are now studying Architecture instead of visual art since the two involves drawing. Besides, Architects have better opportunities than just being an Artist.

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