Monday, February 8, 2016

I Don't Enjoy Sex with Him!

Good evening ma, happy Sunday. Am new here a friend of mine introduced me to this page and have told me a lot of things like how you provide solutions to people's problem...
So please here is my issue, have been married to my husband for over nine years now and by God's Grace we are done with giving birth so I thought at least by now our sexual aspect would have increased that we will start enjoying each other more now but reverse is the case....
Whenever my husband needs sex he just comes to me, sex me without foreplay and is always when he is done that I will even start feeling the urge for sex strongly. I have complained countless times to him but it isn't yielding any fruit. Have even told him about playing with me before sex but whenever I do so I use to have the feeling that he will be saying in his mind that I have a corrupt mind.... Due to all these, I no longer have feelings for him, if he asks for sex I will always bring up one excuse or the other.... I don't cheat on him and all this is killing me,am really in need of advice on what to do and how to go about doing it thanks.

One thing that you must have at the back of your mind is that everyone craves for sexual intimacy whether male or female and in your marriage, sex is your right and your precious gift which you need not be shy of or afraid to explore the world of sexual intimacy and fantasy with your husband.
Every individual have a sexual makeup and you don't need to be righteous in the sight of your husband just so that you don't look like you understand what your body craves for,that's torturing yourself emotionally.
And choosing to starve your husband of sex because of his attitude towards you and your sexual needs isn't the best approach to address the poor communication in your sexual intimacy.
Start with talking about sex outside the bedroom and find out why he feels that giving you a foreplay isn't necessary before he lunch his penis inside your vagina to satisfy himself. Find out what's going on in his mind and how your sexual life can be improved on.
On your own part please do not pretend to be a saint virgin and then watch your sexual intimacy turn into a disaster just because you don't want your husband to feel that are spoilt. Having great sex is never in any way a sign of being spoilt but a sign of self awareness and understanding of what you need and how sex can be fun. It's time to let him know that he doesn't need to make you feel like an object by expressing yourself in the company of your husband.
A great foreplay is a joint adventure and not a man's duty, instead of allowing him reach your vagina, grab his penis and give it a bit of your tender touch while you play with his testicles. Give him a great massage and give him an idea of what great sex ought to look like instead of pretending to be naive.
Open your eyes, so that you can see what is in his world of fun, open your mouth and pleasurably tell him what he can do, something like oh baby my baby girl is crying out for your touch (I didn't tell you this.. Lol), just be creative and at the same time express your needs.
It's really a terrible experience for a man to insert his penis inside your vagina without connecting with your soul and body.
Well if he can talk to me, I would definitely love to hear from him and find out if there are things that he's struggling with or if he's shy of being your husband and spending quality time with your gorgeous body.
But please do not starve your husband of sex because that's a sure way to send him to the waiting arms of a strange women hanging outside your door.
Sex ought to be enjoyed so figure out what your husband is missing or why he's suddenly feeling cold towards great romance and foreplay so that it can be addressed.
Whether the breast is firm or flat, whether the vagina is tiny or loose, great sex is still possible for couples who are willing to satisfy the cravings of each other and strengthen the bonds of love in their marriage.


  1. good day ma,i sincerely appreciate your good works here,i pray for God's blessings and favour upon you and your entire family at large. please help me post my mail ma. please ma i need your advice and opinion on this.I'm a guy of 26,a 4th year medical girlfriend is 23.I am currently in a strong relationship with this lady,whom i truly love nd care for.I have promised her to support and contribute to the success of her education in my own little ways.we are happy with each other.She is such an amazing lady,and i call her my Glory,Justica rose,canatity of love,lantana of light,marigold,commelina angel and gloriosa queen.She is faithful and trutworthy.The relationship is an open one,all her family members know me and my intention of get married to her once i finish my education.some of my family members also know about her but has not seen her,and thats more reason i am writing to you right now.I do visit them atleast twice or thrice weekly.But she has never visited me,except on sunday, 7/02/16,becaus i was sick,she came with her younger sister after mass..All these things get me makes me feel and think otherwise.I'm in a relationship and my partner has never visited me.It appears as if she is not serious with me.whenever i tell her about visiting me,she gives me thousands of reasons.While building up this relationship,we both agreed to make it a sex-free one,and i promised her to stand on that.I wonder why she doesn't want to visit times i feel bad about this.and the worst part is that,when i keep on bringing this issue,we end up quarelling,and whenever we are not in a good term,i find it very difficult to read,eat,sleep or even be myself.Whenever my exam or medical practical comes up,i avoid having issues with her because if i do,i will not have good performance,cos i will never concentrate.I have always been among the best 10 each time we write exams,but if we are not in a good term,ma,the result will be bad.please ma,what should i do? Do i continue in this relationship,where my lover has refused to visit me or what? I have no other woman in my life,but her.what should i do? How do i make her come around? Atleast i will have some good moment with her,play,gist and talk about ourselves and things about us that we might not discuss at her place.plz ma,i don't know what to do? Or should i advice her to visit me at times without her mother's notice? Because she complains of her mother not allowing her to come.That it was even her mummy that asked her younger sister to follow her the time she came.Ma,please help me out! It makes me cry,i need this girl ma please! Thanks.

    1. Daniel, kindly send your message to the page inbox and it will attended to.
      Thank you

    2. Daniel, kindly send your message to the page inbox and it will attended to.
      Thank you

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  4. Which one is page inbox kwa,this page or another?,may be so much mail...

  5. Which one is page inbox kwa,this page or another?,may be so much mail...


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