Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I Have Resorted to Masturbation!

Aunty Amara good day,I will be 30 years this year and my hubby will be 42 years,we have been married for nine years plus,with four kids.
Aunty my problem is that late last year my husband started having very low libido and cannot get erection and he doesn't want to do anything about it,he has resorted to be keeping malice with me so that I won't ask for sex. He believes I can do without it and I don't have a choice. I do understand his plight but am also human,we do try to make love but in the process his manhood will become flaccid. I don't disturb him again but I have resorted masturbation.
Please advice me on what to do.

As men age, their sexual prowess may not be as powerful as it were when they were much younger. The kind of food and drinks a man consumes also has effects on his sexual performance. 
Begin with a healthy lifestyle changes. Cut down on so much fries and fat consumption. Reduce the carbohydrates content of his meal and feed him with some fruits, vegetables, protein and minerals. 
Instead of preparing fried stew and chicken, prepare his stew without frying the tomatoes or anything else, do not use chicken for his meal but go for a white meat or fish if he's comfortable with it. Instead of preparing melon (egusi) soup, go for a bitterleaf soup with white meat not red meat, you can also prepare okro soup for him with fresh vegetables. 
Don't prepare eba for him but go for unripe plantain flour or wheat depending on your pocket. Cut down on his consumption of bread and butter and go for crackers biscuits.
Then prepare fresh fruits for him and add fresh ginger, garlic, and moringa seed to it. You can use these spices also in your cooking but do not overcook them so that you don't destroy the nutritional supplements they contain. 
Exercise is also a great therapy for him, encourage him to exercise his body regularly so that he can shed off some fat and be fit for bedroom activities. 
Communicate with him and let him know your inner cravings and yearning. While you work on his meal adjustments, engage in foreplay and romance. 
He doesn't necessarily need to engage in penetrative sex to meet your needs. Understanding your body and caressing the erogenous zones is all you need to climax and enjoy sexual intimacy with him. 
Instead of engaging in masturbation, I will suggest that you channel the energy in foreplay and giving your husband sexual pleasure. 
This period in his life is a transition phase and you need understanding and maturity to manage the situation and help him revive his sexual appetite so that you enjoy your honeymoon. 


  1. Hmmm exactly what am experiencing with my husband in the last 3 weeks.... God help me because its driving me crazy.

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  2. And please don't put pressure or arras him, just make his mind free as per while trying to make him take all what Amara recommend. Best of luck

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