Saturday, February 20, 2016

I Regret not Defending Myself!

Good morning ma. I'm married to an only son, and my marriage will be four years this year. I've been believing God for the fruits of the womb since then. Almost two years ago, my husband's younger sister's husband ( my brother in law ) told me in present of my husband, my mother in law, and one of my sister in laws that I know the reason why I don't have a child, that he had known for a long time that I'm possessed with marine spirits, and that I don't respect my husband.
Aunty, I held myself from crying and replying him that day, hoping that one day I will invite him for my baby dedication, would give my testimony in church. It was a hard struggle that day, because nobody said any thing, my husband kept mute. He didn't defend me.
My problem now is that each time I remember his words that day, I feel it like a fresh wound. I regret not defending myself that day. I've told myself several times that I've forgiven him, but I don't know how to get rid of the pain. Please help!

Please do not try to defend yourself, he was never making mockery of you, he was never talking to you. Nope that man wasn't insulting you and to be candid with you, your husband doesn't need to defend you. 
You know why? It is because that man made a mockery of the God you serve and the one who made you. He was talking about your creator, the one who created you. 
Please kneel down tonight and make a simple prayer "Lord I am sorry for thinking that I could fight your battle for you, today I have decided to quit defending myself and to allow you to defend me your precious daughter". 
Once you hand him over to God, forgiving him will be nothing for you and you will then see how God will defend you. He did it for Hannah so yours is nothing, never you fight a battle that God is willing to fight for you because you will never succeed in it. 
Surrender all to God, and allow God to prove to anyone where you belong. I understand why you felt that way but today I want you to get a better revelation of your identity. 
You have a father, I mean a father that will never allow his children to shed tears or be put to shame. 
Please you and your husband should go to the hospital for medical check up so that you can rule out any medical challenges and make love as often as possible with positions that allow for deep penetration. Place a pillow under your buttocks and stay back for some minutes after making love with your husband. 
You must be relaxed and at peace with your soul for you to allow for conception. God is still visiting homes and blessing them with children and yours will not be different in Jesus name Amen. 
Congratulations in advance. 


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